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Green & Safe

Act responsibly, safe and sustainable

We have been striving to operate sustainably and responsibly towards our beautiful green nature and rich local cultural heritage, for many years. We are an example to others not by what we say but by what we do. We maintain high hygiene standards. Our commitment to provide a safe holiday experience is represented through our Green & Safe initiative. Below you will find 5 foundations of our green and safe destination

1. High hygiene standards apply throughout Slovenia

In light of the current pandemic, Slovenia's National Institute of Public Health has issued measures and requirements which need to be observed and followed while in Slovenia. Please be aware that any tourism and catering related establishments and events are justifiably subject to stricter hygiene requirements to further prevent the spread of infection.

Current measures and requirements to maintain a healthy environment  >

2. Slovenia is one of the safest countries in the world

Slovenia has been consistently ranked among the safest countries in the world, based on 23 indicators that form the Global Peace Index. The Index is used to assess peace and safety of a country. Its latest publication from 2020 ranked Slovenia in eleventh place.  By continuing to act responsibly we maintain our high safety rating.

3. We are an example to other green destinations of the world

Slovenija je prva, ki je kot celotna država prejela ugledni naziv Green Destination. Našo zavzetost za trajnostni razvoj slovenskega turizma dokazujejo mednarodne strokovne nagrade, kot je Best of Europe 2020 v okviru izbora 2020 Sustainable Top 100 Destination Awards. Portorož je ena izmed 50 turističnih destinacij pod krovno znamko SLOVENIA GREEN, ki izpolnjuje kriterije Green Destinations Standard.

4. We enjoy being active, healthy and green.

We are the only European country that unites the Alps with the Mediterranean, the Karst with the Pannonian Plain. More than 22,000 animal and plant species live in our country! As much as 60 percent of Slovenia's surface is covered by forests. Almost 40% of Slovenia's territory is made up of natural protected areas. The green nature is only a few steps away from the city centres. Don't miss the opportunity for outdoor activities!

5. Boutique and other unique experiences, 365 days a year

In Slovenia we can visit, experience and taste something new every day of the year. We tailor each experience our way. We are a land of unique experiences, away from mass tourism. The varied landscape offers a wide range of outdoor activities. As you travel around the country you can taste our varied, but authentic, local cuisine particular to each region. It’s easy to have a green, active, healthy and safe holiday in a country known for its beautiful and healthy water and spas.

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