Izola - Portorož - Piran

Mesto z izrazito ribiško tradicijo

A town with a distinctive fishing tradition

Izola is the right choice for anyone wanting to escape the waves of tourists. A place whose name is synonymous with history transformed from a small island town with a fishing tradition into a calm beauty that is no longer an island but is still inseparable from the sea.  

Discover hidden spots

Meet the tranquil but active face of tourism in Slovenian Istria. Welcome to Izola.

Archaeological Park in the Simonov Zaliv Bay
The archaeological site in San Simon was proclaimed a cultural monument of national significance.
+386 (0)5 617 70 90
The Besenghi degli Ughi Palace
Is one of the most well preserved Late Baroque monuments in Slovenia and among the most beautiful historical buildings in Istria.
Gregorčičeva ulica 76, 6310 Izola
+386 40 631 034
The Manzioli and Lovisato Palaces

The Manzioli Palace, standing on the Manzioli square, is one of the oldest buildings in Izola.

Manziolijev trg 5, 6310 Izola
+386 5 616 21 31
The Church of St. Maurus and the Bell tower

The Church of St. Maurus is the most visible church in Izola, as it stands on the top of the medieval island.

Trg svetega Mavra 4, 6310 Izola
+386 (0)5 641 55 45
Izolana - the House of the Sea

Try your hand at fishing and get to know the fauna living in the Adriatic Sea.

Ulica Alme Vivoda 3, 6310 Izola

Things to do in Izola

Discover this vibrant mosaic of tradition, history, beautiful architecture and people. Listen to the many stories and legends told by the locals and let yourself be spoiled by excellent local culinary offerings. Discover the calm but active face of Slovenian Istria's tourism. Welcome to Izola.

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