By car - Portorož - Piran
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By car

Stay carefree from the comfort of a car.

Portorož and Piran, together with all other surrounding tourist hotspots, are easily accessible thanks to small distances between each other. You can easily travel by personal car as the roads are well maintained, safe and most of the time, offer beautiful sights of the coastal landscape. Portorož and Piran are linked with the most important road networks in Slovenia. The fastest route is by highway from Ljubljana or Trieste, or by regional road from Pula.
Road network: 

  • From Ljubljana by regional road and highway A1
  • From Trieste (Italy) by highway
  • From Pula (Croatia) by regional road
Plan your trip:


Motor cycles, private cars and vans whose maximum permitted weight does not exceed 3.5 tons must display a vignette to use all Slovenian motorwaysand those express roads managed and maintained by the toll road operator.

More information on the DARS website (email: 

Toll class 1 Price with VAT
Yearly vignette 55,00 EUR
Half-year vignette 30,00 EUR
Weekly vignette 7,50 EUR
Toll class 2A Price with VAT
Yearly vignette 110,00 EUR
Monthly vignette 30,00 EUR
Weekly vignette 15,00 EUR
Toll class 2B Price with VAT
Yearly vignette 220,00 EUR
Monthly vignette 60,00 EUR
Weekly vignette 30,00 EUR

Purchase of vignettes

You can purchase vignettes at all petrol stations in Slovenia and in neighbouring countries as well as at branches of national and foreign automobile clubs, at post offices in Slovenia and at some kiosks. For more information there is a list of sales points


Do not risk driving on the motorways without the vignette sticker, since the penalties are severe. The penalty for driving on a motorway without a valid vignette or without paying the toll is a fine of EUR 300 to 800. 

Validity of vignettes

An annual vignette for the current year is valid from 1 December of the previous year to 31 January of the coming year (total of 14 months). 

A half-yearly vignette is valid for six months from the day of purchase, or if the sixth month has no such day, to the end of the last day of the sixth month. 

A monthly vignette is valid from the moment of purchase to the end of the day having the same number one month after the day of purchase, or if the following month has no such day, to the end of the last day of the month. 

A weekly vignette is valid for seven consecutive days from and including the day specified by the user on purchasing the vignette.

Roadside assistance

Avto moto zveza Slovenije – AMZS provides 24-hour assistance and towing. If you break down, call 1987.