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Treat yourself to a spa by the sea

Forget about stress and everyday worries!

Take a deep breath, inhale the sea air full of salty negative ions and enjoy the views of our relaxing coastal landscape.

The coastal area, encompassing the Sečovlje Salt Pans, Portorož and Strunjan, is known for its therapeutic factors: salt-pan mud, brine from the Sečovlje Salt Pans, a pleasant Mediterranean climate, and the sea water.

Submerge yourself in a pool of brine just like the Benedictine monks used to do in the 13th century.  This concentrated sea water is rich in minerals, bromine, iodine and magnesium, which encourages and strengthens the body's defence mechanism and makes you look younger as it improves blood circulation and purifies your body.

The well-known salt-pan mud contains a high concentration of minerals and is known for its health benefits. Mud packs relieve muscle and joint pain and are also used for beauty and cosmetic purposes. The mud accelerates the body purification process, assists in reducing cellulite, transforms the body and visibly cleans the skin.

It is time for a retreat by the sea. Come and visit one of our natural spas or wellness centres very close to the sea and let the experts find a tailor-made treatment just for you.

Come and visit any time of the year and experience a relaxing swim in heated sea water originating from one of the most therapeutic seas in the world. If you choose to, you can warm yourself in a pool filled with thermos-mineral water or relax in a sauna. Should you have any health concerns, you can also visit one of the medical and physiotherapy centres nearby.

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