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Experience something new all year long

A new experience every day! Portorož and Piran are much more than the sun and sea. A pleasant coastal breeze that fills the body and spirit with the beneficial effects of the sea and a pleasant Mediterranean climate will ensure your well-being at any time of the year. Prepare to be charmed by the number and diversity of events on offer against the Mediterranean scenery.

Choose your experience

Dreamy and romantic

Dreamy and romantic

Create your moments which will forever remain in your memory. Let love take over and ensure you have the best day ever, surrounded by our beautiful scenery. Say "Yes" surrounded by the timeless scenery only the old town of Piran can provide, or pick more modern Portorož. Choose your dream destination and ensure that your day ends up perfect - from prestigious accommodation, romantic experiences, and exclusive culinary experiences to the smallest of details to make it just perfect.
Take with you a piece of sunny Istria

Take with you a piece of sunny Istria

"Keep a memory of your sea retreat. Buy yourself something which will remind you of your beautiful adventures and relaxing sunny days. Portorož and Piran offer countless shopping opportunities inspired by the locals and tradition. Discover local craftsmen, spoil yourself with local culinary delicacies or buy something for your loved ones made from local ingredients. Something cosmetic? Keep the coastal sun shining long after your visit.
Sail towards new adventures

Sail towards new adventures

Discover the charms of Piran and Portorož from the sea! The Slovenian coast is small and medium - boat friendly. Find a safe harbour in one of the local marinas and submerge yourself in wonderful experiences and events organised on land. Enjoy the sea adventures while embracing what the surrounding land has to offer.