The town's history - Portorož - Piran

The town's history

A resort with many faces

Portorož is well known as a party town, where you can have fun by the sea. However, this Slovenian coastal splendour has more than meets the eye.

Portorož has been known as the place of healing since the 13th century when the monks from the St. Laurence Monastery first used the sea water and brine for healing purposes. Ever since Portorož was home to many healing and wellness complexes, which to this day, use the healing properties of salt and the sea. 

Aviation also plays an important role in the town's history and has, throughout the last century, improved and developed new opportunities for tourism. Its beginnings reach back to the Cosulich brothers, who established the first aviation infrastructure after the First World War. In the 1930s, Portorož was regularly serviced by air routes via Trieste, to the biggest Adriatic destinations. Nowadays, it is a treasured place for private aviation.