Tastes of Istria - Portorož - Piran

Tastes of Istria

Foods that write their own story

Authentic Istrian cuisine relies on the rich and tasty local produce.  Typical foods include Mediterranean salad, fresh fish, juicy fruit from the nearby hills, fresh herbs and spices, strong wheat and of course, the prestigious local truffles and the silky olive oil. 

The Istrian culinary tradition continues to this day in the kitchens of some of the most renowned Istrian chefs. Their culinary art is a combination of Mediterranean and Istrian cuisine that promotes good health: using the best salt, the best olive oils, world renowned and ecologically farmed European Bass from the Fonda family, with excellent vegetables and delicious fruit from the Dragonja River. 

You too can enjoy this culinary pleasure which represents the taste of Istria. You are sure to find something which will satisfy the gastronome in you from our local delicacies or from some of the most renowned Istrian kitchens.