Coronavirus (Covid-19) - Portorož - Piran
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On this page you can find all basic information and resources on coronavirus if you are traveling to or are currently in Portorož & Piran.

The Portorož Tourist Board is closely monitoring the situation regarding the spread of Covid-19. We are in constant contact with the Slovenian Tourist Board, we follow the releases of the National Institute of Public Health (NIJZ), the Ministry of Health (MZ) and other relevant sources.

Latest information

Find the latest information on the number of confirmed coronavirus infections and the most important explanations regarding the current restrictions at the data tracking site.

Fulfillment of the recovered-vaccinated-tested rule (RVT) 
In Slovenia, the RVT rule no longer applies when using tourist accommodation/services, visiting catering establishments, visiting cultural and sports events, on ski slopes, and during most other activities. The RVT rule must only be followed in critical activities, which are not crucial for the tourism industry.
For more information on who must follow the RVT rule and when it applies, as well as when the RVT condition is fulfilled, visit the official website of the Government of the Republic of Slovenia.

Some cases where the RVT rule does not apply:
- Accommodation- Wellness, hairdressing and beauty services
- Service stations
- Religious rites
- Public transport 
- Hospitality and catering establishments.

All restaurants, nightclubs and discos operate without restrictions.

There are no longer any restrictions for entering shops. 
Public events
All events, including cultural and sports events, congresses and fair activities, are allowed without restrictions. 

Visits to ski resorts and the use of cable cars are unrestricted. 

In closed cable cars, surgical masks or FFP2 masks are mandatory for persons over 6 years of age, and on open devices, masks are mandatory if there is no free seat between passengers (except for children of up to 6 years of age and persons with special needs).

In the Republic of Slovenia, wearing a face mask is not mandatory.

Exception to the obligatory use of a mask

The use of a protective surgical mask type II or IIR, a mask type FFP2 or FFP3 is still mandatory indoors for health care professionals and providers of social care services and programs that provide accommodation, except for children under 6 years of age and for people with special needs.

Tourist Information Offices in Portorož and Piran

For any further information please contact our Tourist Information Offices in Portorož (tel.: +386 (0)5 674 22 20), Piran (tel.: +386 (0)5 673 44 40) or send us an email:

Testing locations

Where can you get tested?

RAT screening and RAT for self-testing are, with some exceptions, payable. It is no longer necessary to make an appointment for a swab, but you must bring an identity document and a health insurance card.

Covid-19 testing locations for foreign tourists

Testing for foreign tourists with quick tests is self-funding and takes place at various locations across Slovenia. See in which locations foreigners can obtain payable tests, and check whether it is necessary to make an appointment in advance and what is required for your swab to be taken.

Medical help

In case you feel the symptoms of possible Covid-19 infection (coughing, fever, shortness of breath), call 112 for further instructions.

Coronavirus call centre with up-to-date information is available at the free of charge phone number 080 1404  and for calls from abroad at +386 1 478 7550 from Monday to Friday between 8.00 am and 4.00 pm. Calls will be answered by final year students of the Faculty of Medicine with the assistance of experts from various working areas.

Further information

You can find more information about COVID-19 and traveling in Slovenia on the following link of the official site of the Slovenian Tourist Organisation.