Fiesa - Portorož - Piran

Izbrana počitniška destinacija

A chosen holiday destination

Halfway between the Strunjan salt pans and Cape Madona in Piran, you will find a small bay, which in the last few years has become an ever so popular destination for local and visiting bathers. Once a peaceful bay, surrounded by hills and two sweet water lakes, it became a popular bathing area with the best beaches, clean water and only a step away from Piran.

Discover the hidden spots

Explore the lakes which are protected, thanks to the unique flora and fauna, or cool down in the green oasis or continue your journey on foot following a path to Piran. Welcome to Fiesa.

Fiesa-Piran walking trail
Fiesa and Piran are connected by a maintained walking trail.
Fiesa beach
This beach is a popular location for families with kids. 
The Fiesa meres
The Fiesa meres were formed due to the digging of clay needed by the former brickworks.