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Discover Piran and Portorož natural beauties and cultural heritage. Visit panoramic places in the surroundings and relax your mind.

Sea bays in Slovenia, Croatia and Italy and in good weather also coastal towns and breathtaking Alps - the view won't disappoint you.

You can also stay in the heart of Piran and take part in a guided adventure looking for Tartini's violin or choose any other organised tour.

Nexto mobile application will help you easily explore history and culture - you will be amused on every step!

Discover everything Piran and Portorož with their surroundings can offer. By car, bike, sea transport or on foot - create your own adventure.

Still have some time? A short trip takes you to popular touristic places like Bled, Postojna Caves, Ljubljana or Venice.

Istrian villages

A short ride from Piran takes you to marvellous Istrian villages, surrounded by olive trees, vineyards and orchards. Padna is one of the typical villages and it is under heritage protection. We advise a walking tour on Boškarin trail from Padna to Nova vas. 

Truffle hunting

Are truffles really an aphrodisiac? Why have hunting dogs replaced hunting pigs? Are truffles really only meant to be picked in the morning?  A truffle man and his dog will show us the secret world of truffles. The path will lead us into the forest, to a secret point where, with a little bit of luck, we can find among the tree roots the smelly tuber. After the truffle hunt, we will enjoy fuži (home-made pasta) with truffles and a glass of local wine.     

From Piran to Venice by ship

From Piran to Venice by ship! After 2,5 hours you will get to Venice, where a guide will show you the town of the 118 isles in the Venice Laguna. You will visit the famous Murano glass factory. 

There is enough time for shopping and other individual visits. You can admire the magnificent St. Mark square , Doge's Palace, the "Ponte dei Sospiri" or "Rialto" bridge and many other bridges and channels. 

Along the Hrastovlje heritage route

Discover the almost forgotten paths to villages, where Istrian women called Šavrinke once lived and walked. Discover the magic Hrastovlje village; locals will show you its secrets. You can admire the 12th century church, the only church in Slovenia which is entirely painted and it conserves the motive of the dance of death. There's also the home of art, the Jože Pohlen gallery, but also Grozdan Pohlen's personal collection - he accurately collected precious object used by locals and soldiers. The indigenous animal and plant park offers Istrian species that can't be found elsewhere. If you are hungry, stop in the village restaurant Švab and taste something local.

Listen to the birds in the Škocjanski Zatok Nature Reserve

Retreat into the world of birds and nature at the Škocjanski Zatok Nature Reserve, with its 122 hectare surface area providing a perfect shelter from the hustle and bustle of town life. It is the largest semi-salt water wetland in Slovenia with exceptional botanical, zoological and landscape features. The diversity of bird species living within the reserve stands out. 245 species were observed in the last decade and their number continues to grow- representing more than 60% of observed birds in the whole of Slovenia. When you visit, you can also see our horses: three mares called Cabi, Rižana and Falisco.

Visit the salt-pans by boat

We will take a boat to see the farmed sea bass and once back on dry land enjoy some seafood delicacies. We will also take a walk through the old salt marshes in Sečovlje which are known around the world for its top quality salt. To top off this day, one of the most known seafood restaurants will host us for a delicious seafood dinner. An exclusive experience recommended for all lovers of the Mediterranean and seafood cuisine.

Sečovlje Salina nature park

Salt-pans produce salt in Lera with a 700 years old traditional method. Visit the museum in Fontanigge and discover how families once lived there or try the healing effects of salt brine and mud in a unique open air SPA. Bird lovers can see several indigenous species (more than 300 registered species) and observe them in this unique scenery. Sečovlje salt-pans are interesting all year long.

Strunjan nature park

Take a walk in the Strunjan salt-pans. Take the pilgrim road to the cross and enjoy the view of the Moon Bay from the highest cliff in east Adriatic coast. Earth energy will fill you up with positivity.

Underwater world by boat for families

The Subaquatic motorboat is the only boat on Slovenian coast from which you can admire underwater world and enjoy beautiful panorama. The boat can take up to fifty passengers, twelve of those can sit in the hold and admire the seabed. You can see the geological structure of the seabed, the flora and fauna of coastal seabed, underwater life and seashells. On the way Piran-Fiesa-Strunjan you can admire the beautiful panorama from the sea.

Ankaran seashell cemetery

Visiting the Ankaran seashell cemetery is interesting for the whole family. Here you can see huge amounts of seashells and marine snails. The cemetery is situated between Ankaran and the Port of Koper. Experts have found more than 230 species of molluscs. Some of the most beautiful seashells are cockles, scallops, warty venus and snails like purple dye murex, ormer, pelican's foot... It is worth visiting till it's still there. It is for sure an unforgettable trip, especially for children.