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A healthy way of life

Start enjoying life!

The pleasant Mediterranean climate will fill you with vitality and chase those bad moods away. Get to know the diversity of Mediterranean cuisine, one of the healthiest and yet still delicious diets, cleanse your body and mind with a number of detox programs and begin the journey of living healthy. The recipe for a healthy life is in the palm of your hand. 

Healhty Mediterranean diet

Healhty Mediterranean diet

The Mediterranean diet has an exceptional impact on the physical and mental wellbeing of each individual. It is rich in olive oil, nuts, fish, Mediterranean herbs, fruit and vegetables. It is therefore, dominated by monounsaturated fats and omega-3 fatty acids. The Mediterranean diet has proven to be the most healthy diet.
Salinera energy park
Salinera Bioenergy resort

Salinera energy park

In the embrace of nature, among the pine trees surrounded by Mediterranean vegetation and grass, there are 12 energy points. The park is located in the very heart of the resort. Energy points, which are an integral part of the park, positively influence the improvement of the physical wellbeing of the individual.
Ayurvedic diet
Ayurvedic diet for body detox

Ayurvedic diet

The Ayurvedic diet excludes the consumption of meat, fish, dairy products and eggs. Food should therefore, not be of animal origin. It is based on organic production. Such a diet does not create mucus in the body and consists mainly of raw, fresh vegetables and fruits. In combination with consultations with ayurvedic a specialist in the Shakti - Ayurveda Centre, regular meditation, yoga, sports activities and wellness treatments, we provide our guests with active detoxification and complete wellbeing.
Detox and cleansing of the body

Detox and cleansing of the body

Due to the increasing intake of toxic substances into the body, which is obtained through incorrect nutrition and the modern way of life, our cells are becoming more and more poisoned, and our vital body functions are reduced. The cause of malaise and the decline in physical energy essentially indicates the body is being poisoned, which can cause disease and imbalance. There are problems with metabolism, hormonal imbalance, back pain, etc. In order for a person to feel better, he must first detoxify the body and then begin the proper treatment of the disease. In the Shakti - Ayurveda Centre, we will help improve the health and wellbeing through ayurveda, a regular diet, regular meditation, yoga, sports activities, wellness treatments and other Ayurvedic detoxification programs.
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