Koper - Portorož - Piran

Največje mesto Slovenske Istre

The largest town in Slovenian Istria

Aegida, Capris, Justinopolis, Insula Capraria, Caput Histriae, Capo D'Istria, Koper. 

The various names are a reflection of the changes Koper has endured. The first small town on a rocky island was connected to the mainland only by a narrow road to the urban economic centre of Slovenian Istria. From the maritime tradition to the modern promenades, inspired by the urban hustle, discover a town where the history and the present blend. 

Discover all the sights in Koper

Spend your day exploring attractions which give the town its heart and soul.

Praetorian Palace
Platea Comunis is considered one of the most distinguished town places and Praetorian palace is the most beautiful palace of Koper.
Titov trg 3, 6000 Koper
+386 (0)5 664 64 03
Regional museum of Koper
The museum was founded in early 1911.
Kidričeva ulica 19, 6000 Koper
+386 (0)41 556 644
Taverna Koper
Ex deposit of salt, nowadays is the location of the most interesting manifestations in Koper.
Pristaniška ulica, Koper
Fountain Da Ponte
The biggest city fountain is a reproduction of the Rialto Bridge in Venice.
Prešernov trg 9, 6000 Koper

Things to do in Koper

Lose yourself on the cobbled town streets surrounded by buildings inspired by Venetian architecture, feel the pulse of the town at various events organised in what was once a salt storing facility (Taverna), or end your day enjoying the various flavours of modern cuisine.

Discover the abundance the largest town in Slovenian Istria has to offer. Welcome to Koper.

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