Pet- friendly holidays - Portorož - Piran
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V Portorožu in Piranu bomo vaše male kosmatince sprejeli odprtih rok.

Where your pets are welcome

Can you imagine leaving your pets behind while you are on holiday? Here in Portorož and Piran we welcome your pets with open arms. 

If you do not arrive by your own car, we advise that you check with local taxi service providers regarding transportation of animals. In this case, your use of public transport will be a bit more difficult, as animals are not allowed to ride on any of the buses. Furthermore, they are not allowed to enter into certain public buildings, either for sanitary or other reasons (hospitals, chemists or drug stores, shopping centres etc.).

And even at locations, where pets are allowed, we kindly ask you to take care of their behaviour. To ensure the well-being of all the visitors, keep your pet on a leash, pick up their droppings, and take care to ensure the safety of people and other animals in the location. Although, we have all seen the incredible joy in the eyes of our pets, when they see the hustle and bustle at sea-side locations, we kindly ask you, to not allow your pet to walk around freely or be active in the water on its own, even at "dog friendly" beaches.

Important! If you are coming from abroad please ensure that you bring along a valid passport for your pet.