Ciao! I'm Pino... - Portorož - Piran

Ciao! I'm Pino...

... chatbot for Portorož & Piran!

I'm a local, so I know all the secrets of Portorož, Piran and the surroundings. 

I am still new to social media, a little bit clumsy but I'm learning. 

I am, however, always happy to assist you with your enquiries, providing I know the answer.

My favourite topics are:

Accommodation (ask »Where to stay?«),

Activities (»What to do?«),

General tourist information such as souvenirs, guided tours, vignette (use the following keywords »souvenir«, »guided tour«, »vignette«),

Events in Portorož and Piran (type »events« and I will ask you about venue, time and date),

Opening hours of some restaurants and other tourist attractions,

Advice for families (»family hotel«, »what to do with kids«, »family trips«, »pools for kids« …),

Advice on bringing your pets (»what to do with pets«, »pet friendly accommodation« …),

I also like to recommend (»best family hotel«, »best restaurant«, »best ice cream«, »best coffee« …),

Direct you to (»where is«, »where can I find«, »where to go«) the post office (»post office«), ATM (»ATM«), spa and sauna (»sauna« …),

And inform you on where to park (type keyword »parking«).

Instructions on how to quickly reach me

For now, I am available for a chat on Facebook Messenger:

I am currently staying on my Facebook profile:

In the future I will move to other channels too.

Where to find me?

Open Facebook Messenger.

Click on your profile picture, left top corner. You will see a code.

This code enables others to get in touch with you.

Click the code and choose »scan code« from the menu. Scan my code and you are ready to go.

Pino's prize sweepstake

Slovenian Istria offers many experiences, 365 days a year. I wish you could experience as many of them as possible! That's why I have prepared a prize sweepstake that can make you win, every month until the end of December, one of the three selected experiences.

How to participate?
1. Visit
2. Answer the prize question.
3. Write your personal data.
4. Calmly wait for the draw.

The price contest lasts from 28th July 2020 to 10th December 2020 do 24h on Facebook messenger

In the month from 28th July to 16th August we have three winners, who will get experience in the value of up to €42.00 (VAT included). The lucky winners are:
Mateja P.
Nika C.
S. Stolzenberg

In the month from 17th August to 24th September we have three winners, who will get experience in the value of up to €42.00 (VAT included). The lucky winners are:
Jana M.
Mathilde K.

In the month from 16th September to 14th Oktober we have three winners, who will get experience in the value of up to €42.00 (VAT included). The lucky winners are:
Amedeja K.
Alenka M.
Alice K.

In the month from 15th Oktober to 15th November we have three winners, who will get experience in the value of up to €42.00 (VAT included). The lucky winners are:
Mateja N.
Zdenka Š.
Vavdic Z.

In the month from 16th November to 10th December we have three winners, who will get experience in the value of up to €42.00 (VAT included). The lucky winners are:
Darja Z.
Katica B.K.
Samo K.

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Who is Pino?

Pino is a local. A thoroughbred Istrian. Slovenian Istria has been home to his ancestors for many generations. His relatives live here too – in nearby villages and coastal towns. That is why Pino has settled here with his family.

He is very connected to the area he has grown up in and enjoys reminiscing about grandma's cooking, grandpa's stories he would listen to over lunch, and the adventures he had as a child when he cycled with friends and his dog Frenki to the coast. Frenki was the most loyal friend a boy could want and was always present on all their adventures.  Pino's mum gave the dog its name, as she loved listening to Frank Sinatra ...

Today Pino is a grown-up man. He is 44 and is a proud owner of a coffee spot in Piran. He enjoys spending time with his guests, making them coffee himself and chats about everything from the weather, the sea, where to go on a trip nearby, to where to eat, where to stay, where are the good cycling paths, where famous people live...

Pino also has his own salt harvesting field. He inherited it from his father, who inherited it from his father and so on for quite a few generations. That is also where Pino likes to relax and forget about the world around him. He puts on his »taperins«, and grabs a »gavera«. As he's working the field, he is oblivious to everything but the smell of salt, the warm sunrays and the memories of days gone by.

He likes to bring his two children along. Ana is 7 and Nino is 4. It is right that they learn about the traditions and their roots. Pino would really like them to fall in love with the Istrian land. He also wants his parents to be proud. Pino and his family enjoy being active outside – going paddling on a SUP to Fiesa, picnicking in Padna on bikes, hiking on Slavnik ...

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