Autumn - Portorož - Piran
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The rich tastes of autumn

Experience the coastal landscape in its vividly written image. Portorož and Piran remain vibrant locations, even when the hottest months of the year bid farewell!

Take a stroll through the numerous vineyards and explore our renowned vine paths where the local wine makers await with their fresh must (fruit juice) and new wine. Taste tradition at various culinary events of autumn Istrian cuisine, spiced with a pinch of the Mediterranean.  Allow the rich autumn tastes to take you on a discovery of small treasures of Slovenian Istria.

Take advantage of the remaining warm autumn by the sea for a fun holiday, a relaxing time in sea water pools or active exploration of the natural beauty the coast and its surroundings have to offer.

There is always something going on!

Taste local fresh delicacies and world renowned wines by attending a number of culinary events and wine festivals. Feel the euphoria of major sporting events or even participate in one. Discover the authentic local culture and the live arts scene or let yourself loose at an outdoors music festival with scenic backgrounds. Varied events through the year will make your visit memorable!

54. Ex-Tempore Piran 2019
54. Ex-Tempore Piran 2019
Tartini Square, Piran, Monfort Portorož
31.8.2019 - 7.9.2019
Since 1965, Piran Coastal Galleries have been organising an international painting ex-tempore and since 1999,a ceramics ex-tempore. This is a visual a ...
The Istrian Cycling Marathon
The Istrian Cycling Marathon
all 4 coastal towns
2.10.2021 - 3.10.2021
The Istrian Cycling Marathon is the largest recreational bicycle event in Istria.

Create the perfect adventure

Browse through our list of current events which will make your visit even more special.

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