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Feel the taste of Istria

Let all your senses acquaint themselves with the story of the local area – rich, authentic, diverse and full of human warmth.
Let yourself experience the authentic tradition, mixed with modernity, of our local cuisine. 
We promise that you will be amazed by its look, smell, sound, texture and especially by its taste.  



Bobiči are a typical Istrian type of minestrone/soup. They can be made in different ways but must always contain corn grain. Their other base ingredients include beans and potatoes. When young corn starts growing it heralds the start of the bobiči season, and the soup soon begins appearing on Istrian plates. Corn can be stored for the winter, meaning that bobiči can be enjoyed even during the coldest of days. Bobiči are undoubtedly the richest Istrian traditional dish eaten with a spoon, providing us with pleasant warmth and strength.


Eggs have been an integral part of Istrian diet for as long as we can remember. Fritaja, or frtalja, is one of the most known and beloved egg dishes. It is a type of egg omelette, beaten eggs seasoned with a pinch of salt and fried on olive oil. In Istria, fritajas can be made with


Riži-biži is a simple Istrian dish whose main ingredients are peas and rice. It is not a minestrone, nor it is a risotto but something in between. This dish has begun appearing on Istrian tables at the time of the Venetian Republic.


Kroštole or hroštule are fragile fried cakes with a distinguished shape, which are a staple of Istrian cuisine every major holiday or feast. While there are many recipes for Kroštole, their common base ingredients include flour, sugar, fat or oil, brandy or white wine.


Fritule, fritole or fancli are a typical Istrian dessert served mainly on Christmas and Shrovetide. In Slovenian we also call them miške (little mice), as their shape reminds us of them. Essentially, they are fried sweet dough with a taste similar to doughnuts. Same recipes include adding raisins or yogurt.

Experiences with a touch of tradition

We offer wine tastings, fishing boat adventures, truffle hunting, olive oil gourmet experiences, salt pan experiences, Roman dinner, culinary hiking and cycling paths,… It's all about traditional and local ingredients, blended together by some of the best chefs.
 Experience it for yourself!

Leave the fast paced life behind!

If you are really determined to experience authentic Istria then you are invited to visit our traditional events and feasts. There is an abundance of positive energy and great food. Discover the old salt harvesting traditions by visiting the Salt Making Festival, come persimmon (kaki) harvesting in the Strunjan Valley and discover the rich palette of local taste at Padna's Olive Oil and Chard Feast.  

The paths of tradition will lead you on various adventures, intertwined with the customs and habits of the local area. Do you know how the people of Piran spent their free time during long summer evenings? By playing Moro Cantado! Join the locals and learn how to play this fascinating card game. You might even be privy to a tale or two from the old days.