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Which local culinary deligths you should bring from Portorož and Piran?

Would you like to buy souvenirs and gifts that will not collect dust and will be used in your culinary ventures instead? If your answer is yes, keep reading and pick perfect gifts that will make good impression on your guests and bring a touch of Portorož and Piran into your home.

Sea salt and salt flower from the Sečovlje salt pans

We all know that salt is a key ingredient in almost every recipe, but did you know that not every salt is the same? 

You’ll realise that, if you buy the unique salt from our salt pans for you or your friends and family. Piran salt is known for its quality, as for centuries it has been harvested using an ancient traditional technique with the help of a special layer of micro-organisms called "petola". Petola is a few millimetres thick underlying clay base on the bottom of the crystallisation basins that, due to soil composition and algae prevents contact between the sea mud and the salt crystals. Therefore, Piran salt is white highly prized for its top quality and taste all ovet the world.

Are you up for an even more authentic flavour? Have you ever heard of salt flower, which could easily be called royal salt? These are tender, crystal-white salt flowers, formed on the top of salt basins during the process of seawater evaporation. Salt flower collecting is a particularly precise task for skilled salt workers, as the flowers are picked by hand to preserve their perfect form and quality. Prepare your next dish with salt flower and see how good it tastes!

Fun fact: Piran salt flower is used even by the Japanese emperor and the best restaurants in the world. 

Olive oil from the best olives? Of course!

Every autumn it seems that practically all Istrian locals become real olive growers. Families gather and harvest olives in no time at all, however once the olives are delivered to the olive press, the real magic happens. They are pressed into premium olive oil that is the pride of Slovenian olive growers.

The variety Belica in particular has a specific, gently spicy taste that is widely recognisable. The emphasis is always on quality, not quantity, so Slovenian olive oil is one of the best in the world.

Are you wondering what could be better than a piece of homemade bread dipped into olive oil? According to the locals, the answer is "nothing, there is absolutely nothing better". What are you waiting for? Visit one of the top olive growers such as Gramona, Padnjec, Mahnič farm or Bruno Peroša farm. They will be delighted to offer you a tasting of the so-called green gold and choose the right combination for your palate.

Every day can be a wine festival in Portrož and Piran

No matter whether you’re a fan of the fresh aroma of Malvazija white wine or if you prefer the intense flavour of Refosco red wine, a real treat waits for you in Portorož and Piran! 

Discover new flavours and visit wine cellars dotted around in the surrounding area. You can have a guided tour of the vineyards or visit local wine producers such as Wineries Koželj, Brič, Pucer z vrha and Mahnič Farm. They will be pleased to show you the secrets of making premium wines and will take you through the whole process from the vine to wine.

Would you like to taste magical truffles?

Truffles are one of the most exclusive culinary delights in the world and Slovenian Istria is one of only few areas where these precious tubers grow in abundance. Truffle hunting is a real adventure, which includes special knowledge and trained dogs that help hunt for this especially treasured culinary treat.

Istrian truffles are known for their intense aroma and unique flavour. They are used in various dishes, such as pasta, sauces, omelettes and even desserts. Their flavour is so refined that they enrich each dish and elevate it. A gift with truffles is always the right choice, even for the most demanding palate.

Persimmon – health in each bite

We celebrate the Festival of Persimmon every year in Strunjan. 

This fruit, rich in vitamin C can be eaten raw, in jams, delicious cakes and many other forms. Persimmon, also known as "kaki" is a versatile fruit and it tastes heavenly, which explains why it’s called the fruit of the gods. It has many healing properties, and in cold autumn days its orange colour brings a feeling of warmth.

It is said that the best gifts are the ones that are given from the heart, therefore we’re sure that our ideas will put a smile on the faces of your loved ones. When you return home, maybe with precious salt, a bottle of premium olive oil, enticing truffles or a bottle of wine in your hand, remember that those gifts capture a piece of wonderful Portorož and Piran.

Are you wondering what to cook from these delicious local ingridients? Look for inspiration here

And when you use all the goodies, you're welcome to back to our part of the world where there's always something going on. Follow the buzz of Portorož and Piran on Instagram.