Boškarin's pathway - Portorož - Piran

Boškarin's pathway

On the pathway of tradition

Boškarin, Istrian indigenous beef, was once a faithful servant to Istrian farmers. Follow its footsteps through stories of the Istrian hinterlands and attractions, which are closely connected with their tradition.

Church of St Peter
Above the entrance, there is a relief depicting the delivery of the Keys to St Peter.
+386 (05) 673 34 40
The Krkavče Stone
Above the village you can find the mysterious stone of Krkavče.
, 6274 Krkavče
Stena natural monument
The mighty inselberg has been designated a natural monument.
Škrline waterfalls
The confluence of the rivers Dragonja and Rokava.
Valley of the river Dragonja
The valley is also a popular destination for hikers and cyclists.
Church of St Blaise and the Bell Tower, Padna
This is the only church in Slovenia dedicated to St Blaise, the patron saint of the village.
Padna 33, 6333 Sečovlje
Božidar Jakac Gallery, Padna
Božidar Jakac is a famous Slovenian painter and graphic artist who spent a part of his life in Padna.
Padna 27, 6333 Sečovlje
The House of Kapeluča, Nova vas nad Dragonjo
The House of Kapeluča is a village museum in Nova vas nad Dragonjo, named after the last owner of the house Ančka Kapeloča.
Nova vas nad Dragonjo 48, 6333 Sečovlje
+386 (0)40 615 614
Church of Our Lady of the Rosary and the Bell Tower, Nova vas nad Dragonjo
In the 16th century, the church was mentioned under the name »S. Mari(n)a(e) della Villa Morta«, which supports the theory that the village was deserted after the plague.
Nova vas nad Dragonjo 59, 6333 Sečovlje
Ethnological collection Tona’s House
The ethnological collection Tona’s House is located in Sveti Peter. It is named after its latest owner Tona Gorela.
Sv. Peter 84, 6333 Sečovlje
+386 (0)5 671 00 40
Vrešje House
The Vrešje House is a traditional Istrian house, where you will be greeted by a local lady, wearing traditional Istrian dress.
Krkavče 68, 6274 Krkavče
+386 (0)5 656 70 70;+386 (0)31 603 840
Church of St Michael the Archangel
The church was constructed on top of bare rock.
Krkavče 33, 6274 Krkavče
Piran's hidden treasures

Piran's hidden treasures

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