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Sparkling wine in Slovenia and abroad

Only the sparkling wine made within the French province of Champagne can be called champagne. All other sparkling wine is known as cremont in France, spumante in Italy, cava in Spain, sekt in Germany and Austria, sparkling wine in England and penina in Slovenia. It can be made from various wine types. We know of white, red and rosé sparkling wines.


Sparkling wine contains three forms of carbon dioxide. The first is gas, floating freely within the unfilled space of the bottle. The second is the melting form, when the gas melts within the liquid and creates carbon acid. The third form is the binding form, when the carbon acid binds with alcohol. It is this form that enables the small chain of bubbles to form, which we affectionally call sparks. A good sparkling wine must produce foam. Foaming occurs at the surface of the glass, by the glass’ edge, and in high quality wine continues foaming for at least three to four minutes.


It is recommended that sparkling wine should be drank from purpose made glasses. These should be tall and slender. The most appropriate is the Tulip, as the bubbles are more visible. If the bubbles are tiny, plentiful and long lasting, then we can be sure we are drinking quality sparkling wine.


Sparkling wine is served cold, but not colder than 6 degrees Celsius. The ideal temperature ranges from 6 to 8 degrees Celsius.