10 Carrying Tartini's message to the younger generations - Portorož - Piran
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Na sprehodu s Tartinijem

In 1888, magnificent preparations commenced for the celebration of the second centenary of the birth of Giuseppe Tartini. Money for the construction and erection of Tartini's statue in Piran was collected in Trieste, and throughout Istria and Kvarner, Friuli and Venice. The statue was commissioned from the Venetian academic sculptor Antonio Dal Zotto, who succeeded in making a realistic impression of the Teacher of Nations, and the statue is known as one of Zotto’s best artworks and one of the most important statues in Slovenia. The statue didn't arrive in Piran until 1896. A big celebration was held and about ten thousand people from all over the region gathered. The Istrian musician Antonio Smareglia dedicated a hymn to Tartini, which was presented at the installation of the statue on the square where the docks used to be.

Only a few years ago during restoration works on the statue, a touching love note of the Venetian sculptor to his deceased wife Ida Lessiach Nayi Dal Zotto was discovered on a hard-to-reach spot on the edge of the bronze violin.