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Na sprehodu s Tartinijem

He was one of the greatest violinists of 18th century, a violin virtuoso and prolific composer. He is famous for his technical innovations and his influence on Haydn, Mozart and many other musicians. His musical creation is full of harmonious improvements, and his music is expressive, warm and melodic, sometimes enriched with Istrian melodies; his construction of music phrases was often inspired by poetic lyrics, for example by Paolo Rolli and Pietro Metastasi, which Tartini used in encrypted language.

He was an innovator in his school, which he created in 1727 and which was active for over thirty years. Due to the varied backgrounds of his students, who came from different European countries, the school was named the School of Nations (Scuola delle nazioni) and he the Teacher of Nations (Maestro delle Nazioni). The relationship between teacher and students was modern: the young students didn’t live with their teacher, they had a binding contract, and they could choose from a range of classes, which varied in duration.

His pieces of music stand out in 18th century composition and reveal the composer’s very rich inner and spiritual world. Even in his lifetime, he was known for his ability to make an instrument “sing”. He is also deserving of a mention for the vital improvement of the violin bow, which he lengthened, introducing thicker strings and changing the player’s posture. His technical changes improved the sound and tone of the instrument.

Just as he followed his heart in life, he sought in music an expression that would be the closest to “the message of nature". He composed music that is simple yet complex, music that stirs primal and deep feelings.