1 Tartini's birth house - Portorož - Piran
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Na sprehodu s Tartinijem

Tartini’s father Giovanni Antonio came from Florence and moved to Piran as a merchant, probably in 1678, and married young Caterina Zangrando in 1685. After the wedding, the newlyweds moved to a Gothic house right by the old inner dock, which was filled in 200 years later to become Tartini Square. It was very lively at the small dock as the boats carrying all kinds of cargo were constantly coming in and going out. They carried fish, salt, olives, grapes, wine, fruit, vegetables, quince, jujubes, wood, chickens, rabbits and other foods that were going to be sold at the market.

By the old dock, there were a grain warehouse (Fontico dei grani) and a pawn shop (Monte di Pietà). Two of the most beautiful neighbouring buildings were reflected in the water in the dock. The old town palace and the Venetian House with their triforas and stonemason’s bravura. The entrance to the docks was guarded by two towers, which completed the city wall. At the outside pier before the inner dock and the tower with the gate of St George, traditional fishing and cargo boats such as barchinis, bragozzi, trabaccolas, batabas, brazzeras were tied, and out in the open sea galleys were anchored.