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Fonda fish garden - your next unforgettable day

Have you ever been to a fish farm? We are offering you a very special experience – there, where the waters are deep and clean, and the current is strong. Actually, we are inviting you to come to a trip, as you will get there by our Inti, a new hybrid PV craft. And what is waiting for you there? Wind in your hair and salt in your nostrils, visit to unique sea fields powered by solar energy, and unfolding of the secrets of the Piran European bass (branzino) and its neighbours, Mediterranean mussels (Mytilus galloprovincialis). At the end of the tour, you will be treated to some food tasting on the sea, where you will be able to taste delicious fish. Enjoy your meal! ➡Check the programme

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Alessandro Marras
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»This an elite Piran sea bass boutique. They care about them, they pamper them and feed them manually! Enjoy your meal, dear Piran sea bass! «
Giorgio & Martina
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»Never ate such a sea bass ... it's sooo yummi! «

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