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About the fruit

Persimmon or golden apple originates from Central China, where it has been grown for centuries. In the last decade the fruit has become extremely popular also in Europe; Mediterranean climate is ideal for its growth. More than 400 species of persimmon are known. In Slovenia it is grown particularly in Slovenian Istria, in the Vipava valley and in Goriška Brda, where Mediterranean climate creates ideal conditions for its growth.          

It can be yellow, orange or red. Usually it is picked between the end of September and the beginning of December. The fruit is sweet, many species are bitter before becoming completely mature. Usually the fruit is eaten fresh. Pay attention that fruits are not damaged when buying them. You can buy immature fruits and let them mature at room temperature, you can fasten the process by putting them in a closed recipient with apples and bananas. Mature fruits can be stored for a short time in the fridge.

Use in cuisine

The fruit is best if eaten fresh. Softer types can be eaten with a spoon or mashed with yoghurt to get a delicious dessert.

If dried, persimmon can be served as an alternative to different kinds of sweets; it really is a delicious sweet snack. Before drying, cut the persimmon in slices, dry them in water with lemon juice, so they do not become brown and store them in the freezer fore not more than six months. We can use them for different types of marmalade, juices, smoothies... or delicious ice-cream or desserts (pies, cakes, crostata tarts...).

Characteristics of the fruit

Persimmon became a very popular fruit because of its many characteristics, it is rich in vitamins, minerals and other healing substances, dietary fibre and it is poor in protein and fat.

It contains lots of vitamin A, its energetic value is the same as grapes, mandarin and banana. It contains five times more vitamin C than an apple and only a third less than other citruses. Pectins and tannins are also important, not to forget potassium, calcium, phosphorus and iron.

Healing effects

  • It lowers cholesterol,
  • it stimulates metabolism,
  • it detoxes the organism,
  • it is good in case of haemorrhoids,
  • it has good effect on kidneys, eyes, liver, skin, hair, gums, bones etc.,
  • it helps in case of tiredness,
  • it improves immunity and it helps in case of stress.