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Mini clubs

Entertainment with a smile

During the holidays, most hotels in Portorož and Piran provide a rich animation program and numerous children's adventures.
Welcome to our Mini Clubs, where time doesn't know the limits, the imagination is in full swing and the only obligation is a genuine smile of happiness on the faces of your little sea dwarfs.
Mini Club Mini-ION
LifeClass Hotels&Spa

Mini Club Mini-ION

Mini-ION is a superhero living in Portorož. It has special powers. It rules the negative ions in the air and together they fight the positive ions that pollute our sea air. "I run out of the sea and clean the lungs of our little heroes. When you breathe in the air with clean lungs, you become energized, cheerful and healthy. And when you come home from the holidays, you are still playful and smiling. " Come and get to know the Mini-Ion!
Mini club Bernardin
Hoteli Bernardin

Mini club Bernardin

Hotel Bernardin offers a group of entertainers providing a rich animation program throughout the year. A wide selection of different activities is available for all those who want active holidays. Those who want a more peaceful and relaxed holiday can enjoy relaxed and social activities, or simply rest. We can certainly say that every guest experiences some unforgettable moments and experiences in our company, and this is only one step from the sea.
Mini Club Lucija
Remisens Hotel Lucija

Mini Club Lucija

Daily children's entertainment programs (for children from 4 to 12 years old).During the summer months, the Mini Club at the outdoor swimming pool "Metropol Beach" is open every day, except on Sundays. During other months of the year, the Mini Club is located at the Remisens Hotel Lucija and is open every day, except on Mondays and Sundays.