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Madona Cape

The reef on Piran's Punta is rich in flora and fauna. Because of its geological structure it offers a safe haven for many creatures living in Northern Adriatic. You can see the north and the south part of the reef. The maximum depths on the southern part is 12 metres, whereas on the northern part between five and twenty-two metres. Diving is suitable for beginners and professionals. 

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Source: Sharky
Source: Sharky


DTM is a German ranger boat, sunk during WW 2. It was sunk about 1,5 nautical miles from our diving centre. It is accessible only by boat. The wreck is 45m long, 6.5m wide and 6m high (it is partially buried in the mud). It is turned upside down, what makes very interesting excursions to the interior. Inside, there is a lot of fish (conger eels, sea breams) and often a big lobster (over 3kg). It lies on 24m depth.

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Maona Rossa wreck

Maona is a cargo boat that was used for transporting salt. It has lied on the seabed since WW 2 and it was probably sunk by an underwater mine; we can see three similar mines near the wreck. Their diameter is approximately 1m. It was sunk between Savudrija and Piran, in the direction of Piran. It is still full of merchandise, probably bauxite. Maona Rossa is similar to a "trailer". It is a ship without self propelling, used to transport different kinds of merchandise. It lies in the middle of Piran bay on 21m depth (top part of the boat is on 18m). Location is accessible only by boat. Location is very popular among divers due to the easy access and openness of the wreck.

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Source: Sharky
Source: Sharky


Hydroplane, of the length of 11m, was sunk after the WW 2. It was tied to a buoy but it broke loose during a storm and sank. It lies on the muddy bottom in front of Portorož at 14m depth. The wreck is small but interesting because of all the animals that stay around it. In winter time we can find a lot of bass and mullet fish. Because of the muddy bottom we recommend good buoyancy control during the dive.

Underwater Triglav

"Underwater Triglav is located 350m from the shore, in the direction of 298 degrees from our diving centre, on the depth of 39,6m. It represents the deepest point of Slovenian sea. We can reach it by swimming from the shore or by boat, though swimming is not recommended because of the heavy boat traffic on Punta (high risk of accident).

This dive is appropriate for experienced divers with adequate equipment.
Source: Sharky
Source: Sharky

Roman road

The ancient Roman road is situated east of Piran diving centre, under the church. We start right in front of the centre and swim towards east (direction 20 degrees). After reaching the reef, we swim towards Fiesa until reaching the steel cross. Then we turn towards the coast (direction 160 degrees) and swim at depth of 2 m. Then we turn west (270 degrees) and swim along the coast. We can admire several rocks that seem like the rests of an ancient Roman road.

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Piran Tongue

Piran Tongue is located in the western part of Piran Punta. Recommended entry point is in front of the restaurant “Gostilnica Piran” where we enter the water using the stairs. We descent to 2m depth and swim in direction 210 ° . Sandy bottom drops gradually to 8m. When it suddenly drops to 11m we turn right and follow the reef until it ends. In front of us we will see a sandy flatland. We continue swimming in the same direction until we reach a “dump” (high concentration of different waste).

Source: Sharky
Source: Sharky

Old sewerage pipe

Old Sewerage Pipe is located on Madona Reef. It starts on the surface and drops down to 27m depth. We begin the dive in front of the diving centre so that we swim (NW) on 2m until we reach the reef. Then we descend to 8m and swim along the reef towards the cape until we find the first pipe. We swim on and soon find the old pipe and begin descending along it. While descending, watch out for bigger specimens of sea bass or sharp snout sea bream. When we reach the end of the pipe we must not forget to check inside-we might see our conger eel. While swimming we will see the new pipe. 
We can see all types of fish, like sea basses and sharpsnout sea breams. At the end of the pipe, take a look inside, maybe there's a conger.

Fiesa - Piran

We start the dive from the peer in front of the restaurant on the left side of Fiesa if looking towards the sea. We descent into shallow water and slowly swim towards the reef which is located on 6m. When we reach it we turn left and swim along the reef towards the diving centre in Piran.

Source: Sharky
Source: Sharky

Piran - by the church

The dive, at a depth between 5 and 16 metres, offers a splendid beginning with a view of the church. We follow the reef till the corals. We can enjoy a longer dive as the reef extends till the cape. Divers looking for fun, but also curious explorers are attracted by calm sea and shallow sandy seabed.

Fiesa reef

The Fiesa reef is very popular among Slovenian divers. It is a combination of an interesting and easy dive, simple access and picturesque underwater life (seahorses, octopus, cuttlefish, squids...). It is an interesting dive, suitable for beginners or professionals. You can also enjoy night dives here.