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Piran walking paths

Scenery at hand

Discover marvellous and picturesque Piran from another perspective. Safe, easy and panoramic walking paths will guide you through Piran, Portorož, Lucija, Seča, Strunjan and their hinterland. Unbelievably, those towns are even nicer if seen from unusual routes, not the ones we take to go to the beach, to work or other business.

Attractive walking paths will inspire you with breathtaking Istrian nature and cultural landscape, silence and eternity… even if they are near towns.

Discover walking paths selected for you and choose today's adventure!

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Piran and its surroundings are the starting point for many walking tours. Take a look at our walking paths and tours, control details and download the map.

Seaside promenade
13 km / 7 h

The longest of the 10 footpaths runs almost entirely along the coast.
Portorož footpath

5 km / 2 h

The circular path around Portorož is sure to delight even the biggest grouch.

Lucija footpath

4 km / 2 h

This circular footpath takes you through Lucija, the largest settlement in the Piran Municipality.

Between the olive trees

4 km / 1 h 30 min

You can arrive at the Portorož-Bernadin region in a number of ways from Strunjan or the Strunjan Valley.

Three-country footpath

5 km / 2 h

This footpath, which connects the Strunjan and Lucija regions, is worth the walk due to its extraordinary picturesque quality and the views it offers. I

Piran footpath

3 km / 1 h 30 min

This path encircling the town presents Piran in a very special light.

Between the bays

2 km / 45 min

This path, which connects Fiesa and Portorož, can be chosen as a short independent path of 45 minutes or one to combine with longer walks. 

Through the tunnel

3,5 km / 1 h

From the modern and lively town of Portorož to the tranquillity and salt pans of Strunjan in just one hour – unbelievable!

Strunjan footpath

3,5 km / 1 h

It is difficult to describe the beauty, picturesqueness and attraction of this footpath, for no words exist for something so exceptional. 

Seča footpath

4 km / 2 h

If you'd really like to remove yourself to another world, the Seča footpath would be your best choice.