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Moon Bay or the Bay of the Cross


You will be enchanted by the beauty of the sea and intimate hidden corners of the beach. This wild beach is definitely the best choice for anyone who likes quiet, peaceful and unspoilt beaches. 

  • The bay is accessible only on foot;
  • For safety reasons and because of the crumbling of stones, it is forbidden to stay under the cliff
  • On the coast, it is forbidden to light a fire tp prevent damage during the summer months
  • In the central part of the Strunjan nature reserve, considered one of the most important parts of the park due to the presence of plant and animal species, it is forbidden to anchor, drive motorized watercrafts and to dive.
  • It is forbidden to stay in the nature reserve at night

Pay attention! 
Due to the different geological structure, slopes and degree of vegetation cover, the individual parts of the cliff have different crushability. For a safer visit to the natural seashore below the cliffs, check the hazard map and avoid dangerous sections. In the Bay of St. Cross or t. i. Last year, we recorded a few small landslides and one larger one in Mesečev Bay. We pay special attention to staying safely under the cliffs, which is why we regularly inspect the coast. In the eastern part of the bay, we have noticed a new potential hotspot, which we must pay special attention to. It is a larger crack in the higher part of the cliff on the steep slope of the eastern part of the bay, which is being eroded intensively. A landslide is therefore more likely to occur in this area, which is a very fast and therefore potentially very dangerous event. We warn you not to stay under bare and steep walls, but under more overgrown slopes with a gentler slope, where the possibility of rock crushing is smaller. Don't choose a place for sunbathing and swimming based only on the appearance of the beach, but especially observe the condition of the cliff above it. Pay attention to the rolling of small pebbles, which indicates that the slope is not stable and that larger rocks or rock blocks may also fall at any time. You can check the degree of danger of individual parts of the bay due to falling stones at the link below in the picture or the map, where we marked red (very high risk) and orange (high risk) dangerous sections in the popular bay: map.