Osmice (homestead kitchen) - Portorož - Piran

Osmice (homestead kitchen)

Follow fraskas to the world of farm delicacies

November to June are the months of authentic farm osmicas. 

Osmica is our traditional event where farmers invite everyone to their homestead and offer them locally produced wine and food. Everyone is welcome to attend and enjoy the delicious food. Typical foods served include local prosciutto ham, home baked bread, sausages, ombolo (pork thick neck) with cabbage, bobiči (minestrone with peas and corn), gnocchi, vegetables and home-made sweets. So, if you see a sign for osmica on your trip don't hesitate to visit as osmicas do not have a fixed schedule and some homesteads only offer one or two osmicas a year.       

If you are on your way to a homestead for an osmica, pay close attention to fraskas which will give you the directions. Fraskas are typical signs or pointed wooden boards, which are commonly decorated with downward pointing laurels. To help you plan your visit to an osmica, we have compiled a list of tourist farms and homesteads which organise them. Check them out below.

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