The Kart Edge's climbing heaven - Portorož - Piran

The Kart Edge's climbing heaven

Slovenia's best climbing locations

The Karst Edge, the central Slovenian climbing centre, is home to more than half of the climbing routes that Slovenia has to offer. Osp - the oldest Slovenian village, Črni Kal and Črnotice offer over 829 different climbing routes suitable for both beginners and trained climbers. During your climbing experience, stop off to enjoy one of the rich cultural heritage sights, such as Socerb Castle, the Holy Cave with the only underground church in Slovenia, the tower in Kubed or the world famous frescoes in Hrastovlje.

Here you will also find natural specialties, among which are the shelters such as "The ears of Istria", as well as hiking and cycling paths that will take you to the tower in Podpeč, Slavnik, the castle in Črni Kal or to the wine cellar and home of the world-famous Istrian olive groves.  Enjoy the local tastes and try local delicacies at popular local inns.  Several local travel agencies, known for their quality, offer many excursions. Book yours today.