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Top experiences in autumn and winter for families

When autumn comes, Portorož and Piran take on a new appearance. The warm colours of autumn leaves greet you at every step and the pleasant aroma of fresh sea air fills your lungs. Do you know why the sea air is especially beneficial in winter?

Cooler days offer an ideal opportunity to bring your loved ones to enjoy unforgettable adventures in Portorož and Piran. As you well know, nothing is more important than quality time with your loved ones, so book vacations, indulge in carefree time and make precious memories.

A holiday by the sea can be extremely beneficial for children with respiratory problems as the Mediterranean climate is known for its beneficial healing effects. Actually, after just a few hours in the fresh, salty air, the whole family will feel its positive effects.

Where to start?

Immerse yourself in the magical underwater world – without getting wet

Aquarium Piran and the Magical World of Sea Shells offer unique experiences suitable for families with children of all ages. You can embark on underwater adventures on the mainland and get to know the various animals that live in the Slovenian sea.

Watching colourful shoals of fish and other sea wonders, even sharks, will definitely enthrall you and put a smile on your face. Afterwards, visit the Magical World of Sea Shells, where you can admire the incredible diversity of underwater life. Discover the wide collection of shellfish, snails and other sea fossils and take a look at the incredible history of our planet.

Family experience: discovering the cultural heritage of Portorož and Piran

When you explore the cultural sights in Portorož and Piran, you’ll also travel through time. Each step will reveal the rich heritage, full of history, art and distinctive architecture.  Children will love the details they discover while sightseeing, and they are sure to pause for a moment to look at the inspiring views, for example from the magnificent Piran wall or from the belfry in Piran. Art works that you’ll admire together in town museums and galleries will stimulate their imagination and boost creativity.

Piran is waiting for you to discover its legends

Would you like to get to know Piran in the most modern way? Upload the free mobile app Nexto and allow enhanced reality to take you on a tour of the town with the help of instructive quizzes and playful challenges.

What can you expect? On the adventure through the sights of Piran you’ll meet legends of this medieval gem. Learn about historical characters, solve riddles, unlock virtual souvenirs and 3D artefacts and go back into the past using virtual reality.

Allow yourself to experience unlimited imagination

Portorož and Piran offer children opportunities to discover historical secrets in a fun and interactive way. Together you can embark on the adventure “Live like a salt harvester in the salt pans” where you’ll become salt-workers and find out how the Piran salt is harvested traditionally with a method going back over 700 years. Children can try out different activities of the salt harvesting process and get to know why Slovenian salt is of such a high quality.

If your children love stories with knights, than the right choice is "The Brave Knight of Piran". Together with your children, you can take a guided tour of the Piran wall, try archery and get to know the secrets of life in the Middle Ages.

Don't miss the indoor pools

After a day of discoveries and adventures, enjoy some pampering and have fun in pools with heated seawater.

After a holiday with your family, you’ll go home much richer

When you say goodbye to Portorož and Piran, you’ll take home memories and warmth. Whether you’ve embarked on adventures in the aquarium or the seashell museum, explored cultural sights, taken part in a roleplay as a knight or a salt-worker, you definitely experienced priceless moments with your family. And that’s what really counts – precious time spent together, children’s laughter and joy.

We can't wait for you to come back. Welcome!