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Discover the beneficial effects of seawater in Portorož and Piran

23. 8. 2023

Did you know that you can strengthen your immune system just with seawater and thalassic therapy? Yes, that’s right! Water, which you like to splash around in during the summer, and sea air, which wakes you up during morning walks, offer more than just unforgettable moments. In Portorož and Piran we can sincerely say that nature offers a true spa & wellness centre, open throughout the year.

Boost your immune system in the magic coastal paradise

Have you ever thought that you could boost your immune system while enjoying magnificent views of Portorož and Piran? These two coastal gems hide a real treasure of natural remedies that help you achieve a balance between relaxation and strengthening your health. The secret lies in the seawater and thalassotherapy, which takes care of your body, mind and immune system all at once.

Beneficial waves of health

We’re often not aware how special seawater really is – rich in minerals and substances that are beneficial for the whole body. When you immerse yourself in the salty kingdom, your skin feels gently hugged by the natural power that boosts your circulation and relaxes your muscles. All these processes are not only relaxing, they also boost your immune system. The healing effects of seawater were known already in ancient Greece where seawater was used to alleviate various ailments and pains, for wound healing, preventing infections, for arthritis, asthma and so on.

Thalassotherapy is a therapy with seawater, sea mud, algae and sea air, all rich in minerals. It’s suitable for anyone who wants to improve their health, feel better or simply relax and enjoy the gifts from the sea.

If you are wondering where in Portorož and Piran you can try it out, then you’ve come to the right place. Visit Thalasso Spa Lepa Vida or Talaso Strunjan and book the service that suits you best. Who could say no to pampering which includes premium thalassotherapy and saunas with a sea view.

Discover the beneficial effects of saunas in Portorož and Piran

Yessss, saunas! A place where you can really relax and forget all your worries. However, saunas are not just a place of relaxation, they also play a great part in improving your health. When you sweat you're eliminating toxins from your body, strengthening your heart and cardiovascular system and improving your circulation.

Now, you're probably wondering where can you enjoy a sauna and a unique experience so that you can relax and recharge. In our top-notch wellness and spa centres you can immerse yourself in a world of warmth and comfort where you’ll feel like you’re in a true paradise. Visit Terme Portorož in Lifeclass Hotels & Spa or Wellness Benedicta in Bernardin where various types of saunas and unforgettable experiences await you.

Seawater: a blue gem with strong healing effects

Have you ever thought about swimming in seawater on a cold winter’s day? Yes, you heard right! However, we’re not talking about the sea but about the swimming pools. Heated pools with seawater are a real winter attraction in Portorož. They not only make you comfortably warm, but also have a beneficial effect for your health. Seawater is full of minerals that work wonders on your skin, joints and muscles.

Check the offer in Terme KrkaLifeClass PortorožGrand Hotel Bernardin, Hotel Kempinski Palace or Hotel Remisens Metropol where you can surrender to the beneficial effects of seawater in the colder months.

Don’t hesitate, come for a visit!

Now you know that Portorož and Piran not offer only beautiful views, delicious food and relaxation but also a wide variety of treatments to improve health and general well-being. Use the opportunity and enrich your seaside vacation with activities that are beneficial for your body and spirit. Don’t wait for the right moment – the sea air and thalassic therapy in Portrož and Piran are in your reach throughout the year. Premium accommodation and a rich range of spa and wellness centre experiences await you with open arms.

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