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Best restaurants for every taste in Portorož and Piran

In Portorož and Piran the sun always shines a bit brighter, the air is a bit saltier and food … well, the food is really delicious! Whether you are a seafood lover or prefer traditional local dishes, you're sure to find something to your liking here.

Your guide to the best restaurants

What’s more beautiful than sitting by the sea, watching the sunset and enjoying delicious food prepared by top chefs? In Portorož and Piran you really have a rich selection of restaurants.

If you'd like to try something different and exclusive, thn your first stop should be the COB Experience Restaurant. At dinner outside the box, you'll experience in approximately two and a half hours nine culinary superlatives, prepared with the best local and regional ingredients. You’ll be taken on a walk from the sea to the hinterland and experience unique culinary pampering.

You’ll also be spoilt in the restaurants Stara gostilna, Rizi Bizi and Sophia with carefully selected dishes prepared by top chefs. Have you ever had that feeling that time has stopped still? When tasting premium ingredients you’ll be immersed in delightful flavours and have an unforgettable experience.

Would you like to enjoy the treasures of the sea?

If you’re into seafood, you simply must visit La bottega dei sapori, Marina Portorož, Rostelin and Fritolin restaurants known for using the freshest catch of the day. How about freshly prepared marinated anchovies, delicious sea bass roasted in salt or shrimps with buzara sauce? Mmm, it sounds fantastic!

Do you prefer traditional, authentic cuisine?

If you enjoy local and traditional ingredients then Na burji Restaurant is the right choice. Here, everything revolves around fresh seasonal vegetables, homemade olive oil and love for cooking. Are you getting hungry? Next on our list is Gold Istra Restaurant where you’ll experience a real symphony of flavours prepared with a lot of love. You're warmly invited to a culinary adventure at the Pri Mari Restaurant in Piran, visited by guests from all over the world. Would you like an appetizer of prosciutto, followed by risotto with shrimps and saffron? This is only a small part of their menu and you are warmly invited to try it for yourself.

Looking for a quick brunch?

Quite a few restaurants in Portorož and Piran offer a quick brunch and where you'll be served with carefully selected local ingredients. You can visit Hotel Piran, Da noi, Cafinho, Cacao, Mignon and Bungalow.

Vegetarian and vegan food in Portorož and Piran

All lovers of delicious food will easily find something to eat in Portorož and Piran. If you would like a vegetarian or vegan dish, you’ll find something to your liking in many restaurants and cafes. Order a delicious pizza at Pizzeria Santa Lucia and Pizzeria Rustika, visit the Fresh4you Fit Bar at LifeClass Hotels and enjoy a vegan cake for dessert at Cacao Portorož, Cafe Central and Forma Viva Cafe.

Top local dishes you simply must try

You've probably heard the saying: "When in Rome do as the Romans do." The same applies when visiting Portorož and Piran. Don’t miss the list of top local dishes you simply must try.

Travel the world of modern cuisine

If you’re into modern culinary trends, than we suggest a visit to Istrian Bistro and Tapas Bar, Bistro 11 and Piran Art. Here, tradition meets innovation, which results in such incredible dishes that you'll have be surprised by the explosion of flavours.

Paradise for those with a sweet tooth: discover the best “sweet spots”

We all have those moments when we crave a sugar hit, so we are very happy to reveal the best sweet corners of Portorož and Piran: Cacao, Café Central, Mignon, Opera, Mestna kavarna Piran and Mersi gellato. There, you can enjoy the best coffee, mouth-watering cakes and exquisite ice creams that go hand-in-hand with Italian ice creams.

Would you like to share genuine Istrian flavours with your loved ones at home? Read how to choose the best gifts in Portorož and Piran.

Every restaurant offers a unique culinary experience that you shouldn't miss. It could be said that each visit to a restaurant is a new adventure, a new taste and a new story. And do you know what they say? Each good story begins and ends at the table.

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