Hinterland - Portorož & Piran


Explore the Piran hinterland. Discover the hidden corners of maritime settlements and villages on the hills. Interesting places amidst diverse landscapes are the right choice for short trips.

Unspoiled nature in the vicinity of Piran

Take one step and you will find yourself in the unspoiled nature of Fiesa, where you will be charmed by two freshwater lakes.

You can relax in the shadow of pine trees on the beach in Fiesa. From there, you can stroll to Strunjan Nature Park, where there are the preserved remains of salt pans and the only sea lagoon on the Slovenian shore. In the park, there is a natural spa. Strunjan is an excellent place for hiking. Eight hiking trails are marked along the green park and imposing pine trees. Their total length is 80 kilometres. Hiking is very pleasant due to the rich concentration of aerosols that have a beneficial effect on the lungs.

Field trip in Lucija

In the coastal settlement of Lucija, next to Portorož, there are comprehensive sports and recreational areas. Already by the beginning of the 20th century there were trams from Portorož and Piran to Lucija to facilitate sporting events. A long time ago, salt workers and farmers lived here. The present-day marina, with its modern facilities, was built on the spot where there were smaller salt pans.

The Church of Sv. Lucija, for which the town is named, is a testament to the many people who worked in the salt pans. It was built by salt workers more than 320 years ago with the money they earned from the rich salt harvest.

From the camp in Lucija, you can admire Portotož on the other side of the bay, and you can put your tent right under the open-air collection of monumental Forma viva.

You can start your day by exercising in the gym located by the sea and right next to the camp, in Seča. Only a few steps away, by the Ribič Inn, there is a cactus garden. You can see a private collection of over 1,600 species of cactuses and succulents.

Roam the countryside on a bicycle

From Lucija, you can cycle to the airport in Sečovlje. Marked bike trails will lead you past the salt fields of Sečovlje Salina.

You can lengthen the route past orchards and vineyards across the Dragonja river valley up the steep slopes of the Piran countryside. If you are not a cycling enthusiast, you can reach old Istrian villages by car. That way you will have a lot of energy left for chatting with the friendly locals and tasting the excellent olive oil and wine. Even homemade food will be taken care of.

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