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Experience Piran and the Sečovlje salt pans with eBikes

Embark on an unforgettable adventure with our scenic eBike tour through the enchanting town of Piran and the historic Sečovlje Salina Nature Park. Discover the beauty of the Istrian coast as you ride on top-notch e-bicycles, covering 30 kilometers of picturesque landscapes in just 3 hours.
94 € / person

  • Top-Quality e-Bicycles: State-of-the-art eBikes for scenic routes.
  • Safety Gear: Helmets for rider safety.
  • Convenient Backpack: Ideal for tour essentials.
  • Raincoat: Ready for any weather.
  • Hydration: Complimentary water bottle.
  • Local Food Tasting: Delight in regional cuisine.
  • Wine Tasting: Enjoy selected local wines.
  • Expert Guidance: Knowledgeable tour guides.
  • Comprehensive Coverage: Best spots along the coast.


Ready to Discover Piran and Sečovlje Salina Nature Park on an Exhilarating eBike Tour?

Quick Tour Snapshot: Scenic eBike Adventure through Piran's Highlights

  • Start:  09.00 am
  • Duration: 3 hours
  • Length: 30 km
  • Height difference: 300 msl
  • Terrain: asphalt 90%, macadam 10%
  • Difficulty: easy.

Riding our eBikes, we make the most of every moment. Embark on a journey through breathtaking landscapes, from Piran to distant vistas of Croatia, Italy, the Alps, and the Dolomites. Our adventure begins with a morning coffee and a comprehensive route briefing, setting the stage for an unforgettable ride.

Tour Highlights

The excursion is carried out at the participants sole risk. The experience is not suitable for children under the age of 8.

Insider Insights

Beyond the picturesque scenery, our guides share fascinating anecdotes, historical context, and ecological significance, elevating your exploration to a truly immersive experience. 

While each highlighted destination offers a glimpse into the region's richness, our tour goes beyond the surface, ensuring you discover hidden gems and lesser-known stories.

What's Included in the Tour

Gear up with all the necessary equipment, including an E-Bike, helmet, backpack, and raincoat

Stay refreshed with complimentary drinks, and treat your taste buds to a delightful tasting menu

For added convenience, transportation is available, and you'll have the option of being picked up from Piran, Portorož, Strunjan, Lucija, or Seča.

With an eBike, Time is on Our Side

Start your cycling day at 9:00 am with a leisurely coffee session and a detailed route description,setting the stage for an exciting adventure. 

As we hit the road, our scenic eBike tour introduction provides essential information about the cycle route and guidelines for riding eBikes in a convoy, on the road, and on cycle paths.

Scenic eBike Tour Highlights

  1. Portorož or the City of Roses:Begin your journey in the charming and modern Portorož, escaping the city hustle for the tranquility of Lucija.
  2. Forma Viva - Unique Stone Sculptures: Traverse towards the unique outdoor stone sculptures showcasing works from over 30 countries. Marvel at the 120 sculptures exhibited in Seča Park, as well as in Koper, Izola, Piran, Portorož, and Lucija.
  3. Sečovlje Salina Nature Park (the Salt Pans): Follow the St. Bartholomew canal to the entrance of the Sečovlje Salina Nature Park. Immerse yourself in the 700-year-old tradition, exploring the largest coastal wetlands and an essential Slovenian site for ornithology.
  4. Visit to the Saltworks Museum:Optionally, dive deeper into the salt pans' history and significance with a visit to the Saltworks Museum.
  5. Fiesa and the Cliffs:Continue your journey along the panoramic road, passing above Strunjan and Portorož to Fiesa. Witness the stunning lake where salt and fresh water converge before heading under the cliffs towards Piran.
  6. The Charming Town of Piran:Cycle to St George's Church, offering time for sightseeing and photography. Descend towards Cape Madona, strolling alongside our bikes if necessary. Explore the city's waterfront and narrow streets, concluding at Tartini Square for a few moments of admiration.
  7. Wine Tasting and Local Delicacies: Return to Portorož through the Bernardin village, past the culturally protected salt warehouse Grando, today know for hosting big events, and conclude your journey with a feast of typical Istrian cold cuts. Indulge in prosciutto, cheese, olives, and local wines "Refošk" and "Malvazija."

Enhance Your Experience with Optional Extras

Enhance your experience with optional add-ons available for purchase on-site

Energize your eCycling adventure with a small snack for your backpack, priced at 5 € per person. 

If you're joining us from other nearby cities (minimum 4 persons), take advantage of our transportation service starting from 7 € per person.

Important Recommendations

We kindly advise wearing suitable sports clothing for our scenic eBike tour and don't forget essentials like a hat, sun cream, and, most importantly, your good mood. 

Leave the rest to us, ensuring a carefree and enjoyable eBike adventure along the stunning Slovenian coast.

Extend the Celebration with Local Artisan Souvenirs

Wrap up your eBike adventure with a piece of Slovenian culture to take home. 

Explore local artisan shops along the way, offering unique and handmade souvenirs that serve as lasting reminders of your journey through Piran and the Sečovlje salt pans.

Ready to embark on this unforgettable journey? 

Book below your scenic eBike tour and experience the magic of Piran and its surroundings like never before!