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Forma viva – an open air sculpture exhibition


The open air sculpture exhibition was initiated by Slovenian artists Jakob Savinšek and Janez Lenassi in 1961. It has now been open continuously for 50 years during which masons from more than 30 different countries have contributed more than 130 stone sculptures. 

The exhibition is surrounded by the indigenous olive trees of Piran and features a breath taking view over Portorož Bay and its surroundings.
This tool aims to create a reasoned itinerary through the sculptures of Forma viva, providing an insight of the selected artworks, accompanied by the texts of curator Majda Božeglav Japelj. Among the many locations distributed along the coastal cities, some sculptures are signalled with a QR code that brings to a dedicated webpage. 

The guide is composed of audio and video materials that will assist the visitors in understanding appreciating a selection of artworks produced in these 60 years of activity. The audio guide is available in three languages: Slovene, Italian, and English. It was realized through the collaboration of PCG and Črt Brajnik, a renown director from Koper, with the technical support of Mediadom Pyrhani. The videos, realized through a bird's eye perspective, enable the fruition of the guide also for those who can not enjoy the event in person, giving to everyone the opportunity to admire this unique, open-air museum through a virtual tour.