Novoletni skok v morje - Portorož - Piran
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New Year's Jump into the Sea
Let's start the New Year active, jump into our clean Sea.
1.1.2019 (at 14:00)
Portorož Beach

Since 2005 the sports association Slovenc from Ljubljana has organized a big annual event in Portorož, which is the first event of the year in Slovenia. It is the traditional New Year's Jump into the Sea on 1 January (at 2 p.m.), which  continues to attract more participants and spectators. There is also some symbolism hidden in the New Year’s bathing – an active start to the new year, done a bit differently with a jump into our clean sea. The Organizers make the event even more interesting with an accompanying programme and take care of an active warm up with interesting gear.

Bathing in water with a temperature of about 10 °C is beneficial for our well-being, blood circulation and metabolism, enhances the immune system and lessens our susceptibility to various illnesses.

Registration fee: 5 EUR (includes: commemorative certificate for ambassadors of the Slovenian sea, coupon for tea or mulled wine, insurance for each participant, participation in the awards ceremony).

Organised by: Športno društvo Slovenc sports association