Jazz festival Piran/Portorož: Gilberto Gil & Family »Nós a gente« - Portorož - Piran
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Jazz festival Piran/Portorož: Gilberto Gil & Family »Nós a gente«
Concert of popular Brazilian music.
14.7.2022 (9PM)

Gilberto Gil has the gift of incorporating every aspect of daily life into his work. From family life to political, social or cultural movements that permeates his time, everything is an inspiration for a new song, a new melodic idea, an ingenious harmonic movement. 

Gil has already sung Northeastern songs that live in infancy in Ituaçu, and in the immortal admiration of Luiz Gonzaga. He has already sung about the technological advancements and its impacts on the human adventure. Has immersed in the depths of being and celebrated both feast and faith. From tropicalist electric guitars to intimate acoustic guitar, integrity and commitment to the goddess of music is unshakable. His latest album, released this year, brings family and friends from his inner circle as the central theme. Naturally, grandchildren, daughters and sons have musically composed the arrangements of their songs and have become more and more present in Gil’s life and music. 

Family closeness produces a relationship of great freedom and intimacy on and off the stage. From that feeling, one of the daughters, Preta Gil, launched the idea of everyone taking a trip with music as a matrix. And this idea came to fruition. Some of them are musicians, other singers and other producers coming together, full of music in their hearts accompanying, playing and singing with Gilberto Gil on different stages in Europe during the summer 2022.  

The composer, lyricist, guitarist and vocalist will be accompanied on the 80th anniversary tour by the Nós a gente family:

GILBERTO GIL: vocals, guitar
BEM GIL: vocals, guitar, bass
PRETA GIL: vocals
NARA GIL: vocals
JOSE GIL: vocals, drums, percussion
JOÃO GIL: vocals, guitar, bass
FRANCISCO GIL: vocals, guitar
FLOR GIL: vocals, keyboards, percussion
DOM GIL: vocals
BENTO GIL: guitar, percussion
LUCAS GIL: percussion
GABRIEL GIL: percussion

Artistic director Brane Rončel for Avditorij Portorož and Municipality of Piran.