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Unforgettable countryside experiences.

Truffle hunt

Truffle hunt

Are truffles really an aphrodisiac? Why do we hunt for truffles using pigs instead of dogs? Do we really hunt truffles only very early in the morning? A truffle hunter and his two dogs will take us through the magical world of truffles. We will go truffle hunting together in the nearby woods and with a bit of luck discover lots of truffles. Afterwards we will have a plat of fuži (homemade pasta) with truffles, accompanied by a delicious glass of local wine.
Olive oil throughout time

Olive oil throughout time

We invite you on a journey through time. You will discover why we refer to olive oil as liquid gold, what were olives and olive oil used for in the past, and what we use them for today. We will jump back to the 19th century and meet Tona and her "torkla" (olive mill). We will discover different types and tastes of oils, bottled olives, spreads and chocolate, which are only a sample of what Istrian olive oil makers produce. At the heart of Slovenian olive oil making, you will be invited to inhale and taste the sweetness and sharpness od Istrian olive oil.
Tasty wine stories

Tasty wine stories

Refošk and Malvazija, two typical Istrian wines. Which one is better? We will search for answers among the famous Istrian vineyards, where we will learn about various ways of cultivating and processing grapes. Each has its own wine cellar method, yet all their wines are top-notch. All the vineyards have one thing in common: they are among the first to turn to organic winemaking.
On the path of Hrastovlje heritage

On the path of Hrastovlje heritage

Discover the almost forgotten village paths to the places where Istrian women, known as Šavrinkas, used to live and walk. Let your journey take you to the mysterious Hrastovlje, where the friendly locals will present their treasures to you. See the beautiful 12th-century church, which is the only fully painted church in Slovenia and the motif of the death dance is perfectly preserved. Hike up the village hill and see the whole village from above. Enter the temple of art, the gallery of the excellent Istrian artist Jože Pohlen, and see the local Grozdan Pohlen - a personal collection of invaluable objects from the lives of the locals and soldiers of our towns. Typical rare Istrian animals and plant species await your visit in the park of indigenous plants and animals. Please make sure not to go home hungry and empty handed. Stop at the local inn Švab, or the local store selling dried goods, and take a piece of green countryside home with you.

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