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How can Portorož and Piran become allies of your immune system?

23. 8. 2023

How can Portorož and Piran become allies of your immune system?

The Mediterranean climate, beneficial sea air and excellent Istrian cuisine are the perfect combination for boosting your immune system and promoting your well-being.

When the days get shorter and temperatures start to drop, it’s extremely important to take special care of your health. Our secret formula for that is an escape to charming Portorož and Piran. We offer the right combination of healing ingredients that boost your immune system all four seasons of the year. 

Just a few days by the sea, sea salt, exquisite cuisine, easy walks by the sea and other natural resources can help you recharge your batteries. Let’s see how.

Aerosols – small drops, great power

Aerosols are small droplets that form in the air when waves hit the shore. Scientists say that they are full of minerals and are beneficial for your body, especially for your respiratory system. 

Are you wondering where can you find these super boosters for your immune system? In Portorož and Piran, of course! 

No, you don’t need to wait for the summer, because their concentration is even high in the colder months. Some people actually claim that aerosols are even stronger when blown by bora wind.

Beneficial walks by the sea at cooler temperatures

Whether you’re an early bird or a night owl, walks by the sea in Portorož and Piran are the best way to either start or end your day. Breathing sea air, rich with aerosols, will invigorate you and help boost your immune system.

In the cooler months there is one more element that comes to your aid – the bora wind. The locals greet it with a smile because they know it brings freshness and a new energy. It’s even scientifically proven that the bora wind enriches the air with increased aerosols

Do you want to hear another? Bora often brings beyond breathtaking sunsets, that forecast sunny weather, or as the locals say: "Rosso di sera, bel tempo si spera.", which diarectly translates to: "When the sky turns red at sunset, the next day will bring good weather."

Don’t miss out on numerous events

There are many interesting festivals and events that you can enjoy and fill your days with unforgettable memories even in the off-season. When you have fun, your body produces endorphins or so-called happiness hormones that improve your mood. We assure you that there is no better medicine!

Do you know why your immune system loves Mediterranean food?

The right food is very important for your strong immune system. And what could be better than the Mediterranean diet with a lot of fresh vegetables, fruit, fish and olive oil, recommended even by the WHO

You can try many authentic Istrian dishes including fuži pasta with truffles, excellent Jota stew and delicious prosciutto. Add high-quality olive oils that naturally contain anti-inflammatory substances, and delightful seafood full of Omega-3 fatty acids, and you get a perfect combination to strengthen your immune system. 

Find many excellent restaurants in Portorož and Piran, where you can enjoy the taste of the Mediterranean even when the days get cooler.

Detox can literally revive your immune system

In addition to delicious food and relaxing walks by the sea, you should also dedicate a day to a gentle detox. 

What’s better than a day for relaxation and pampering in one of the wellness centres in Portorož? Look for the treatment that is the most suitable for you. It could be a warm wrap, massage, aromatherapy or maybe a sauna. It can be a great opportunity for your body to get rid of toxins and be repleted with fresh energy.

Pay us a visit ... you won't regret it!

Are you ready for new experiences? If you answer is yes, then treat yourself and come for pampering in Portorož and Piran. Aerosols, walks by the sea, Mediterranean food, detox, interesting events … It all here waiting for you. Your immune system will be grateful! The shortcut to your well-being is here

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