Salt-pans of Sečovlje - Portorož & Piran


Salt-pans of Sečovlje


Secovlje Salina Nature Park, which covers about 700 ha, is situated in the extreme southwestern part of Slovenia, in the southern part of Piran Council. The bed of the Drnica stream, known as Canal Grande, divides the Park into two areas: Lera and Fontanigge. At Lera, sea salt is produced manually – with tools and procedures based on the traditions of our grandfathers. 

The result of joint work by generous nature and assiduous salt pan workers is a high-quality product with slightly sweet but exceptional taste and of pristine crystalline shape. The salt flower is our most precious product. The tiny pyramidal crystals are created on the surface of brine only in windless conditions, for they are disturbed even by the slightest wave. Piran salt contains numerous microelements and minerals, which are vital for the human body. They develop in a natural environment – on the petola, a special biosediment at the bottom of crystallization basins. Piran salt has acquired the certificate of a product by geographical origin, considering that all procedures of its production, processing and preparation for the market are bound to this particular geographical area.


Multimedia Centre
Capacity: 60
The former workshops along the administrative building have been rearranged into the Park's multimedia centre, which offers its visitors various manifestations and displays. An additional insight into the size of the Park is offered to the visitors by the three-dimensional scale model of Secovlje Salina Nature Park and by a model with Braille writing. The projection hall is intended for various presentations, screenings of films about the Park and lectures. The capacity of the hall is 60 people.

Salt Flower Pub
Capacity: 50
The Saltpan Square accommodates the Solni cvet Pub, where visitors can order traditional salt-pan dishes and get acquainted with the characteristic Istrian cuisine. The capacity of the pub is 50 people max.

Lera Exhibition and Sales Centre
On the ground floor, visitors will find a shop that offers them a very diverse collection of souvenirs created in the natural environment and originating from the Mediterranean salt-making heritage. In the renovated building of the former guardhouse, called Caserma, a gallery has been set up on the first floor that hosts various exhibitions. 

Museum of Salt-making
The Museum of Salt-making consists of renewed salt-pan houses with a museum collection and salt field with the characteristic windmill. The museum collection presents the salt-workers' working and residential environment, as well as written, pictorial and physical descriptions of life in the pans through history.

Guided tour

The guided tour takes 1.5 hours. The group is accompanied by a guide on a trail from the salt pans to the Visitors Center. During the walk, the guide presents the park and the peculiarities of traditional salt making. In the Visitors Center, the group is presented a 10-minute film about the park. On the way back, the group is invited to our gift shop and gallery to buy some souvenirs.

Guided tour hours: 

  • APRIL–OCTOBER: 9.30, 12.00, 14.30, 17.00
  • NOVEMBER–MARCH: 9.30, 12.00, 14.30
Entrance fees:

  • Adults, 5 EUR.
  • Children over 6 yrs./students/pensioners, 3 EUR.
  • Children up to 6 yrs. – free entrance.
  • The prices are valid also for groups.
  • Additional payment for a guided tour is 30 EUR for a group (max. 50 people). The guided tour is obligatory for groups with more than 15 persons.
  • The groups must book the guided tour in advance, at least a week before arrival.
  • Payment methods: cash, credit card or voucher.
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