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Stara gostilna - Vecchia osteria

The experience of luxury will be complete with the staff, who will be happy to dedicate themselves to every guest. When you enter Stara gostilna, you choose not only a first-class culinary experience, but a spectacle that will awaken all your senses.
Stara gostilna is one of the oldest inns in Piran, which started writing a new story. Under the tutelage of the owner Donata Krašek, who has been running Stara gostilna for more than 20 years, the intimate ambience of the restaurant was filled with fresh culinary content. The young, enthusiastic chefs - Kristian Zule have preserved the most popular dishes, added their own stamp to them, and accompanied the guests on a completely new, exciting journey to the tastes of Primorska. With tasting menus, they take us on an exploration of authentic, local ingredients - "From Solkan to Piran". Each plate bears a distinctive authorial stamp, but also speaks of the mission of Stara gostilna - it is to slow down the pace of life for a moment, offer the luxury of the best in one place. In short - a boutique restaurant that just a stone's throw from the Piran promenade.