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Stara gostilna - Vecchia osteria

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The experience of luxury will be complete with the staff, who will be happy to dedicate themselves to every guest. When you enter Stara gostilna, you choose not only a first-class culinary experience, but a spectacle that will awaken all your senses.

The boutique restaurant impresses not only with its gastronomic offer, but also with its thoughtfully chosen interior that makes an impact. A small but immensely rich, glamorous ambience in the style of velvety golden blackness is full of creative secrets. Each plate is a masterpiece that impresses with its aesthetic composition and its unique story. Nicely prepared tables, stylish menus and elegant showcases, which provide safe shelter for as many as 150 distillers, also contribute to the well-rounded aesthetic impression that builds the identity of the Stara gostilna. The head of the restaurant is the owner Donata Krašek, who is bravely backed by the young chef Kristian Zule - Kiki. Donata and Kristian are the main creative forces of Stara Gostilna who with the support of a coordinated team strive for cosmopolitan dishes and perfect service.