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Panoramic flights

from 75 €

Portorož Airport offers panoramic flights throughout the year. You will be flying in a Cessna 172 which can accommodate up to three passengers and a pilot. Choose among a number of pre-determined flight routes or ask the pilot to create a route of your choice. The price of the flight is determined by flight duration and not on the number of people  (up to three people per price).
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Flight routes


Portorož Airport - Piran - Portorož Airport
Price: 75 EUR
Flying time: 08 min
Piran, Izola, Koper

Portorož Airport - Piran - Izola - Koper - Portorož Airport
Price: 100 EUR
Flying time: 15 min
Piran, Izola, Koper, Črni kal

Portorož Airport - Piran - Izola - Koper - Črni kal - Portorož Airport
Price: 165 EUR
Flying time: 30 min