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Fishing adventure on a boat

Are you enthusiastic about sports fishing? You are cordially invited to join Captain Peter on an unforgettable adventure, where he will share the secrets of the Slovenian sea as well as his marine anecdotes!
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from 90 € per fisherman (45 € for your partner)

  • Half-day boat trip and fishing with an experienced Istrian fisherman
  • Fishing permit issued in your name
  • All necessary fishing equipment: rods, lures, small gear, life jacket.
  • Complimentary drink on the boat (water and juices).
  • The entire of your daily catch is yours to keep

Are you passionate about sports fishing? Join us for an unforgettable half-day fishing experience with an experienced fisherman

  • Meeting point: Koper City Marina, in front of the Grand Hotel Koper
  • Departure time: 7:30 AM
  • Return time: 12:30 PM
  • Price per fisherman: €90
  • Price for non-fisherman, companion: €45

For participation in sports fishing, a valid fishing permit is mandatory, and it is included in the package price for one participant. The number of available spots is limited to a maximum of 5 fisherman and/or companions. The experience is conducted in Slovenian, Italian, and English. In the event of unfavorable weather conditions, the sports fishing will be rescheduled to another date in agreement with the participants of the excursion, ensuring an optimal experience for all involved.

Peter, the skilled fisherman, will guide you to the open sea

Your guide, the young fisherman Peter from Koper, continues a family tradition, starting his fishing journey on the Koper pier and progressing through the PLK Koper Fishing Club, earning a place in the Slovenian National Team for sea fishing with appearances at world championships between 2004 – 2009.

As an experienced fishing guide with an enormous love for the sea, Peter, a graduate historian, will joyfully share anecdotes whispered by the sea, having graduated on the topic of the early development of fishing in northern Istria.

With rich knowledge and over a decade of experience, he guides enthusiastic fisherman through the enchanting world of sea fishing, promising to take you on an unforgettable fishing adventure.

Fishing Adventure Equipment

All the necessary equipment is prepared for you - fishing rods, lures, and small gear, as well as a life jacket for your complete safety.

We recommend wearing suitable clothing according to the season and sun protection during the summer.

For our shared sea adventure, we have arranged the Fortis Fisher 590 speedboat from 2019 with an external Suzuki 90 engine, providing a spacious area for our maritime exploration.

Types of fish you can expect on your sea adventure

Sports fishing can be a true adventure where every moment presents its unique challenge. With the experienced Captain Peter, you will embark on an unforgettable adventure, discovering, depending on the season the following species:

  • Common Pandora: The season begins with spring, briefly slows down in summer, but peaks in late autumn.
  • Mackerel: These highly combative predators visit our sea from early summer and persist until late autumn.
  • Cuttlefish: Late autumn and early winter bring schools of cuttlefish that can stay until the beginning of summer.

In addition, while exploring the depths of the sea, you can also encounter: golden mackerel, squid, and piper gurnard. Each catch carries its own story and challenge, which you will unravel together with Peter in the magical world of sports fishing.

Activities Beyond Fishing

What do we do with the fish we have caught?

Whether you have caught a common Pandora, mackerel, squid, or cuttlefish, we have a refrigerator on the boat where you can store your catch until the end of the fishing trip. 

You can then take it with you and prepare it for dinner, just like a true Istrian fisherman!

We proudly encourage a sustainable approach to fishing and the enjoyment of fresh, locally caught fish. Your experience at sea will thus become not only a memorable one but also a culinary adventure.

What can your significant other do if they decide not to participate with fishing?

Peter is also prepared for those who simply want to relax amidst the waves and sun on the open sea. Partners, who will not partake in the fishing can enjoy sunbathing or a refreshment with a swim in the invigorating Adriatic Sea.

Did you know that, while relaxing in the stunning views of the coastline and distant horizon, you can also boost your immune system? Slovenian Istria hides a true treasure trove of natural gifts that can help you achieve a balance between relaxation and health reinforcement. The secret lies in the sea water and aerosols, which can uniquely take care of your body, mind, and immune system. Discover other beneficial effects of seawater here.

Safety measures on the boat

Your safety is Peter's top priority. Life jackets are available for all participants on the boat, along with communication equipment such as a radio or mobile phone for emergency purposes. There is also a first aid kit, tools for any necessary emergency repairs on the boat, such as sealing tapes, wrenches, and other essential solutions.

Before heading out to sea, we naturally check the weather forecast and avoid sailing in inclement weather or unfavorable conditions

Secure your spot and book your fishing adventure as soon as possible!

Join us on this unique fishing experience and discover the hidden gems of the Adriatic coast! By clicking on the link below, we invite you to reserve this unique adventure in Slovenian Istria.