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An unforgettable day at the Fonda Fish Garden - visit a unique fish boutique in the middle of the sea

To all sea and seafood enthusiasts, we present an exciting and unforgettable adventure: a guided tour of the renowned Fonda fish farm and its exquisite shellfish beds. 

The journey culminates with a unique tasting of gourmet delicacies, ensuring a truly memorable experience.

from 66 € / person


  • Meet Your Guide: Begin your adventure at the meeting point in the picturesque port of Seča.
  • Cruise to the Fish Farm: Embark on a vessel and enjoy a scenic cruise to the Fonda fish garden.
  • Discover Sečovlje Salina Nature Park: Delve into the unique features of the park and explore the Portoroz fishing reserve.
  • Explore the Fonda Fish Garden: Take a captivating tour of the marine garden, including a fish feeding demonstration.
  • Visit the Shellfish Beds: Observe the cultivation of mussels as you make your way back to shore.
  • Indulge in a Gastronomic Delight: Savor the exquisite flavors of raw and smoked sea bass, accompanied by sea salt, local olive oil, and fine wines from local vineyards.


The Fonda Family: Passion and Dedication to the Sea

Discover the family devoted to cultivating the finest fish in the world. As you cruise through the Fonda Fish Farm, immerse yourself in their heartfelt story about the native Piran sea bass, and witness their profound love for the sea—a love they not only speak of but truly embody.

The Fonda family boasts deep-rooted ties to the Piran region, with their heritage intimately connected to the sea and land for generations.

Founder Ugo Fonda, a biologist and internationally acclaimed expert in underwater biology, instilled his passion for the sea in his children, Lean and Irena, leading them to establish the family business together.

Dr. Irena Fonda, a molecular biologist and the face of Fonda Fish Farm, is dedicated to sharing her passion and mission for the sea with visitors. She continually raises awareness about the importance of preserving marine biodiversity and extends her mission beyond daily operations through the You(r)Sea Institute. Her work focuses on environmental protection, reducing pollution, and ensuring a healthy habitat for marine flora and fauna.

Lean Fonda, a biologist and professional diver, upholds the family’s tradition of diving and marine biology.

Guided by their unwavering passion and love for the sea, the Fonda family excels in their work and proudly produces the world's best sea bass.

Unforgettable Experience: Discover the Secrets of Sustainable Farming at Fonda Fish Farm

Embark on an extraordinary journey and uncover why Fonda Fish Farm defies conventional economic practices:

  • They keep the fish in the water for extended periods,
  • They feed them the most premium food,
  • They raise only the highest quality fish fry,
  • They perform all tasks manually without chemicals,
  • They maintain a fish density in their nets ten times lower than usual.

This is the cost they willingly bear out of a passionate commitment to raising the best farmed fish in the world, using sustainable and eco-friendly methods for breeding sea bass.

Your adventure begins with a warm welcome from their guide at the port in Seča, where you'll receive a brief introduction to the onshore fish farming operations.

Next, you'll board a vessel. For the extra adventurous, there's the exciting option to paddle to the fish farm by kayak or SUP with an additional surcharge.

As you cruise to the Fonda Fish Garden, your guide will highlight the features of the Sečovlje Salina Nature Park and the Portoroz fishing reserve. Upon arrival at the marine garden, you will tour the fish farm and witness a fish feeding demonstration. On your return journey, you'll observe the mussel cultivation sites.

Your trip concludes under the pine trees with a tasting of exquisite Piran sea bass from Fonda, seasoned with sea salt and a drop of local olive oil, paired with a glass of Malvasia wine.

Join us for this unique experience and discover the secrets of fish farming at Fonda, where quality and a love for nature transcend all economic principles.

Ready for Anything: Experience an Unforgettable Marine Exploration

This 2 to 3-hour experience takes place weekly throughout the year. The tour is primarily conducted in English, but if the entire group speaks the same language, it can also be offered in Slovenian, German, or Italian.

To make your visit to the Fonda fish farm truly unforgettable, please prepare for various weather conditions. During summer and warm weather, we recommend bringing sun protection such as sunglasses, hats, and sunscreen. In winter and cooler weather, ensure you wear warm clothing and bring a windbreaker.

Tours of the Fonda Fish Garden are only possible in favorable weather conditions. In case of bad weather, rain, wind, or high waves, visits may be canceled even right before the start of the experience for safety reasons. If this occurs, you will be contacted on the day of the tour to reschedule or arrange a new date.

For the extra adventurous, there’s the thrilling option to paddle to the fish farm by kayak or SUP, available by prior arrangement and additional payment.

Discover why Fonda Fish Garden has been honored with the TripAdvisor Travelers' Choice 2024 award and are the exclusive experience in Portorož & Piran to hold the prestigious Slovenia Unique Experience label.