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Become a salt harvester for a day

Would you like to know what "gavero", and "taperini" are? How much salt does a saltpan worker harvest a day?    We can answer your questions in front of the saltpan museum on a salt field and show you that work in the saltpans is not that easy. At the entrance to the park, you can rent bikes for free (also available are child bikes and child bike seats), take a ride to the saltpan museum - where you can meet a saltpan worker, try salt harvesting in the salt field, have a guided tour of the museum and go back to the entrance by bike. Every visitor takes home a bag of self-harvested salt.   
from 25 € / person

Price of the programme

  • 52 € (the price includes park entrance fee for 2 adults and not more than 2 children, guided tour to the saltpan museum, salt harvesting programme and bike rental - depends on the number of bikes available)                     
  • for individual visitors the price is 25 €                                                                                                                                                                      

  Bookings are compulsory. Information available on