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Idlyic e-cycling in Istria's hinterland

Embark on an adventurous e-cycling journey through the Sečovlje Salina salt pans, the forgotten valley of the Dragonja River, and the rolling hills of Slovenian Istria, where breathtaking views stretch from the Alps to the Dolomites.
139 € / person

  • Top-Quality e-Bicycles: State-of-the-art eBikes for scenic routes.
  • Safety Gear: Helmets for rider safety.
  • Convenient Backpack: Ideal for tour essentials.
  • Raincoat: Ready for any weather.
  • Hydration: Complimentary water bottle.
  • Local Food Tasting: Delight in regional cuisine.
  • Wine Tasting: Enjoy selected local wines.


Want to Discover Istrian Villages and Nature with eBike?

Quick Tour Snapshot

Start: 10.00 am
Duration: Approximately 5 hours
Difficulty level: Moderate (Travelers should have a moderate physical fitness level)

Experience the vibrant villages of Slovenian Istria, immersed in stunning nature, on a 5-hour eBike tour, starting with a coffee and detailed briefing before hitting the road.

Tour Highlights: 

Minimum number of participants - 2 
Maximum number of participants - 8

Insider Insights

Beyond the picturesque scenery, our guides share fascinating anecdotes, historical context, and ecological significance, elevating your exploration to a truly immersive experience. 

While each highlighted destination offers a glimpse into the region's richness, this tour goes beyond the surface, ensuring you discover hidden gems and lesser-known stories.

With an eBike, Time is on Our Side

Start your cycling day at 9:00 am with a leisurely coffee session and a detailed route description, setting the stage for an exciting adventure. 

As we hit the road, our scenic eBike tour introduction provides essential information about the cycle route and guidelines for riding eBikes in a convoy, on the road, and on cycle paths.

Experience the ultimate eBike adventure with us, featuring a delightful wine tasting that will make your journey even more memorable!

Idlyic eBike Tour Highlights

Portorož - our Istrian hike will begin in modern Portorož, where we will ride through Belegi Križ towards the former narrow-gauge railway track Parenzana. 
Parenzana - we will join the most recognizable cycling path and ride through the Lucija camp to Cape Seča, passing the cactus garden and along the canal of St. Jerome. 
Sečovlje Salina Nature Park - eBiking continues along the entire salt pans, where we will take a short break to breathe in the sea air enriched with iodine. The path will lead us to the Sečovlje border crossing, where we will cross the state border and cycle to the village of Dragonja. 
Dragonja River Valley - we will cycle among vineyards along the old road, which gradually turns into macadam. The path will gently ascend all the time, but we won't feel it because of the beautiful surroundings and peace. The valley, once full of water mills, now stands deserted. Occasionally, among the vineyards, we can spot a house. 
Rojci - the real testing of eBikes will begin, which will help us overcome the ascent to the village. Cycling will continue among the vineyards and additionally among the olive groves towards the village. 
Pomjan - the path will flatten out slightly, and we will reach the highest village of the Šavrinske Hills (342 m). The village, named after the apple orchards (Italian "pomi") that once covered its surroundings. 
Šmarje - we will arrive at a larger and stretched out village on the Istrian hills for a well-deserved rest. 
Istrian Snack - a well-deserved break and enjoying local food and a glass of Refošk or Malvasia wine. 
Crossroad - to conserve our energy, after the snack, there will be a short descent to the settlement of Križiče - Kužera. The settlement with a distinct traffic character is located at the highest point of the main road leading from Koper to Sečovlje.
Gažon - where we will again be away from the crowd. After a short ascent, the eBikes will take us to a compact and fairly large Istrian village.
Šared - through the Istrian landscape among Mediterranean vegetation, the path will lead us to a 268-meter-high hill overlooking Izola. From here, we will admire the extraordinary view of the entire coast of the northern Adriatic with Friuli, the Karst, and the higher plateaus and mountain ranges in the background, such as the Dolomites, Krn Mountains, Julian Alps, Nanos, Vremščica, Čičarija with Učka and Snežnik. 
Malija - the effort of the climbs will be rewarded with a wonderful panoramic ride to the last Istrian village on our route, with open views of the coast and Istria, lying 278 meters above sea level. There will be time for a short break and a visit to the old part of the village with two parallel rows of houses on Malija, followed by a descent back to the starting point in Portorož. 
Wine Tasting - our gathering will not end there. We will pour ourselves a glass or two of Refošk or Malvasia wine and summarize the impressions from our tour.

Additional Information

Join our eBike tour dressed in appropriate sportswear, and don't forget your hat, sunscreen, and a positive attitude. We'll take care of everything else!

What's Included:
  • Helmet
  • Tasting menu, including a delightful wine tasting
  • Electric bike
  • Beverages
  • Guided tour
  • All necessary equipment (backpack, raincoat)
  • Transportation from Piran, Portorož, Strunjan, Lucija, and Seča

Ready to embark on this unforgettable journey? 

Book below your scenic eBike tour and experience the magic of Piran and its surroundings like never before!