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Piran Aquarium


Meet the various creatures that inhabit the waters around the Slovene coast. You can observe the large spiny spider crab and various types of fish such as groupers and colourful wrasses as well as other underwater organisms. 
Discover Piran Aquarium

A little more

The basins comprise from 100 to 300 litres of water, while the central one holds 2,000 litres. The institution employs an expert diver who is in charge of the impeccable operation of the aquarium system. In the basins, around 200 guests from the deeps of the submersed world can be admired; of which there are around 140 various kinds of sea organisms. There to be acquainted with are the common octopus, common snapper, sea-bream (dentex, braize), wrasse, ormer, bass, in our parts rare red mullet and many more sea animals. Of course, there are also algae, e.g. Sargasso alga, Poseidon alga and cistosirae. In the special room is a big floor pool in which sharks, spiny dogfish, grey mullet, bass, roach, etc., swim. Among others things, there you can peruse lobsters, crabs, eels, tiny sea-urchins and various kinds of sponges.

In it, there are several basins, which are mainly lit by artificial light, though for some of them, some natural light transpires through the windows.