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St George's Cathedral


St George's Cathedral

St George's Cathedral, overlooking Piran from the hill above the town centre and offering a view over three countries, is the largest church building in town. It was named after St George, the town's patron saint who is thought to have saved Piran when it was hit by a violent storm. In the 14th century, the church was built to its present size, whereas the Baroque renovation in the 17th century gave the building its present appearance. The interior of the church boasts an organ, two sculptures of St George, a richly ornamented suspended wood ceiling and wall paintings influenced by the Venetian school.

St George's Church Bell Tower

The bell tower was completed during a period of Venetian influence in Piran (17th century) and is a smaller scale copy of the San Marco Campanile in Venice. 146 steps lead to the top of the 47.2 metre high bell tower that houses four bells and is capped with a pyramidal spire, at the top of which sits a weathervane in the form of the Archangel Michael. Climb the tower and admire the breath-taking view of the town and its surroundings.

Parish Museum of St George

The ground floor of the sacristy hosts an exhibition of various religious objects and dishes belonging to the church. Under the nave, the remains of buildings from Ancient Rome and the Early Middle Ages, and Romanesque and Gothic art were found. Among the exhibits, there is also a wooden model probably representing St George's church in its Gothic era and before the thorough renovation that gave the building its Baroque appearance.