20. Solinarski praznik ob prazniku sv. Jurija - Portorož - Piran
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20th Saltpans Feast
Ethnological, educational, cultural and gastronomical event
19.4.2024 - 21.4.2024 ()
Piran, Slovenia
culinary event

The salt industry has played an important role in shaping the economic landscape of Piran over its millennium-long history. This significance is celebrated through the Saltpans Feast, a cornerstone event that honors the town's heritage and the identity of its people. In 1343, the citizens of Piran named St. George their patron saint, crediting him with saving the town and its inhabitants from a devastating storm, according to legend. Consequently, the celebration is known as the "Saltpans Feast"

Piran's traditional method of salt production, still active in its saltpans, epitomizes ecological and sustainable practices. These saltpans, teeming with diverse flora and fauna, serve as beacons, reminding us of the importance of nurturing nature so it can, in turn, sustain humanity.

This year's 20th Saltpans Fest, aligning with St. George's Day, also coincides with World Earth Day on April 22. This synchronicity underscores a global movement towards creating a more sustainable planet. In keeping with this spirit, our event will embrace the theme "A world without plastic," engaging experts to guide our efforts toward a greener future.

Saltworks Maze and Workshops at Tartini Square
Tartini Square, the heart of Piran and celebrated as the most picturesque seaside square in Slovenia, will transform into a bustling "Saltworks Maze." This engaging setup will feature a series of workshops dedicated to the fascinating world of salt production, the essence of salt, ecology, and the rich biodiversity of the saltpans, including the flora and fauna that thrive there, as well as the pervasive issue of microplastics in our environment. Participants will have the unique opportunity to immerse themselves in traditional salt-making practices using wooden tools, explore other age-old crafts, and indulge in salt-infused beauty treatments.

Insightful Lectures by Experts
At the vibrant Tartini Square, attendees will be treated to insightful lectures by distinguished experts in salt production and the guardians of natural and cultural heritage. These sessions will journey through the annals of salt production history and delve into humanity’s impact on the marine ecosystem.

The Salt Crystal and the Sun
Discover the uniqueness of each salt crystal through the lens of a microscope and, with a stroke of luck, witness the grandeur of the sun’s flares through a telescope. Observe billions of particles erupting from the sun’s surface at breathtaking speeds, a cosmic dance of nature’s immense power.

Salt Products and Culinary Delights
Tartini Square will also host a variety of stalls showcasing local produce and agricultural gems. Culinary artisans will be available to satisfy the appetites of weary "salters" with traditional dishes served in quaint cavedinas.

A Pinch of Salt for Good Luck
Embrace the tradition of taking home a pinch of salt, whether for good luck or to enhance your Sunday meal. However, heed an old Istrian warning: gifting salt may court misfortune. It's better to sell or loan it, so keep a coin handy for this timeless exchange.

Become a Saltworker for a Day
Engage in raffles, quizzes, and savor the taste of Piran salt. At the event’s conclusion, newly minted salt-workers will be honored with a commemorative certificate, marking their foray into the ancient craft.

Org.: Avditorij Portorož with the support of the Municipality of Piran, Tourist Board Portorož and Okolje Piran